My one thing

My one thing

The other day I wrote about intentionally living in the moment. Every day.

I can, and do, live here and now because I know where I’m from, where my strength comes from, and where I’m going.

I’m really enjoying the new Hillsong worship album: Open Heaven River Wild. I actually love pretty much everything any of the Hillsong bands release and love that there’s always something to lift me up, carry me through, bring me back to earth, send me into a worship party or whatever my day needs. Yep, they really do it all!

Anyway, a lyric jumped out and hit me in the face this weekend.

all I know is
everything I have
means nothing
if You’re not
my one thing

It’s so true. There have been times when I’ve been less than intentional about my faith and it’s not pretty – and I’m not talking about just stopping going to church (I’ll write on that another time). Jesus is my rock. When He’s my focus, my ONE THING, I have everything.

I can remember when I was a really new christian, I didn’t understand that. I didn’t understand how a pastor could ask me to put my relationship with God ahead of my family – ahead of my daughter. Like what?! I was a single mum at that time and my girl was my world. I actually thought I would never be able to do that.

But I grew.

And as I got to know God and have a personal relationship with Him, I finally understood that putting Him first, makes me a better mum. A better person. A better everything. If you could see the difference on my inside – the forgiveness, the peace and true joy experience I now have, you would never be in any doubt that what I say is true.

Jesus is my ONE THING.

Here and Now

Here and Now

Life is such a journey – and every day I learn, and yearn, to live in the journey, savouring each step of the way. The good steps, the big steps, the painful steps … all the while, admiring the beautiful view. The view around me, and view that is me.

Yes I did say that: admiring me. Living in the moment, marvelling who I am, who I am growing to be, and most of all, admiring my most masterful Creator who knows and is with me on every step of this journey.

My journey has seen happy and sad, good and bad, high and low, and probably everything in between.

In the joy I offer gratitude for all of my blessings, it keeps me grounded, remembering where it all comes from.

Here and NowIn the darker times I also offer gratitude for all of my blessings, for I always have things to be grateful for which is so important to remember when the going gets rough. In those times I also ask my Lord to carry me, to take my burdens, to keep me on steady ground. He hasn’t failed me yet.

He is my rock.

Intentionally living in every moment, knowing with complete certainty where I came from, in fact where everything came from, and where I’m going for all eternity, is the greatest joy and hope for my soul.

Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Heart

My daughter is without doubt, the biggest challenge of my life so far. I love her dearly – each and every part of her that makes her … well, … her. But boy oh boy is my intelligent, highly emotional, stroppy, strong-willed girl a challenge to every bit of patience that I have.

She was the dream baby, healthy from the outset, slept through the nights from eight weeks old, and met all her milestones, many ahead of time. Because it was just her and I from when she was only weeks old, she quickly became mummy’s best little friend.

She was so compliant … until she wasn’t.

I don’t know what changed, but about the time she turned four, my little lady found her will. Her VERY STRONG will. Four years later, we’re still trying to find that compliant heart I know is there. But I have to be honest, compliance isn’t the most important thing to me.

Love, respect, honesty, integrity, being a great friend, humility, reverence, generosity. These are important, in a child and in the amazing adult I know she will become.

This doesn’t win me a lot of fans. I’m probably the mum that you hear repeating herself over and over in the supermarket and just want to shake while you yell ‘woman your child is a brat’. I get that. But I don’t care what anyone else thinks anymore. Yes, I have learnt a LOT about tolerance too!

She does have a strong will, but I see an amazing will that can take her far. Stubborn yes, tenacious too. Quick to question yes, an open heart and mind to learn too. Emotional yes, a big heart too. Stroppy yes, hmmmm, not sure I can find an upside to that 😉

I know God has an amazing plan for her life and I don’t want to break her spirit. I know that if I focus only on behaviour of instant compliance, we’ll only be frustrated – I don’t want her to be a robot, she has so much more to offer than that. Besides I also know I’m never going to achieve that. Don’t get me wrong, she still has to respect authority and rules, we just have to go about things a slightly different way. I will let some things slide that you might not, but in the big picture, it’s small stuff on the Natalie scale.

So lately, seeing a few glimpses of the amazing heart I know is in there, makes me more joyful than the words I write can possibly convey.

Over the weekend I received an email from another parent thanking me for raising Natalie to be the good friend she is. HALLELUJAH! I’m not happy for the praise of my parenting (ok, truth, it feels good), I’m really happy that my gorgeous girl is being an amazing friend. Standing steadfastly on the side of her friend who is being bullied, instead of straying to the side of the bully who is relentlessly trying to break them apart.

My girl was bullied for a long time last year, that’s why she’s at the school she’s at now. We’ve spent many hours pondering friendships and talking about being a good friend. I’m so grateful that her bad experience has come to good in that she can help her friend now. Generally in her new school she’s chosen to surround herself with beautiful girls and when the going gets tough, she stands strong beside them. That’s the kind of friend I want her to be. I’m happy.

I’m also happy that yesterday she got angry at me. Because I wouldn’t stop the car and drive back around the intersection – for a third time. Hmmm, ok, I’ll back up. Yesterday there was a man cleaning car windows at the traffic lights. This isn’t a common occurrence where we live so my ever-inquisitive daughter needed to know why. When I saw his pack on the side of the road I explained there was a good chance the man didn’t have a job, maybe he didn’t even have a place to live, so he was trying to earn money. Well, she was ready to jump out of the car then and there and hand over my wallet! She made me drive around the block and back to hand him some money. I did turn around, I couldn’t quash that sort of thinking, but we didn’t catch a red light so I had to keep driving past a second time.

Boy oh boy did my little lady get stroppy and let me have it (verbally).

So we’re not all the way there. Well actually we’re not even part of the way there. But she’s showing that she’s hearing me, the love, the words, the lessons … they’re getting in. I know they’re going to pay off in the adult she becomes.

Isn’t that really what we all want as parents?

Red lights

Red lights

Today I drove through a red light. Seriously, not just, the light was amber and I made a call to sneak through. Nope, the light was red, I didn’t even see it, I just kept driving. At an intersection I drive through daily! Man did I get a fright.

I’m so grateful for God’s protection on my life. That could have played out very differently.

I am far too tired. And I little freaked out that I could do that. It’s so not me, I’m not (usually) a careless driver. Sigh. Roll on the next specialist appointment and working out what is wrong with this body of mine so we can make a plan and take back control!!!

Blessed to live, live fullyI definitely received a reality check today.

A good reminder.

Life is uncertain, we don’t ever know what is around the corner.

We must treasure every step, every experience, every opportunity.

Every. Single. Day



I am, without question, an optimist. Very intentionally so.

I learnt, as a 15-year-old, the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was a life-defining conversation that will forever shape who I am.

It was a wintry day, wandering along one of my favourite beaches with my Nan. We both loved the beach and loved walking, and I adored my Nan, so these were school holiday days that I very much looked forward to.

I don’t remember how it came up, but I can still hear Nan saying to me “Abbie, some people will look at a glass as half full, some will look and see it as half empty, you can choose which you see”. That was the game changer for me, when she stopped, looked at me and told me I choose whether or not I look on the bright side. It’s a moment that is forever etched on my heart.

Since then, I’ve gone out of my way to be an optimist: finding the silver lining in every cloud, knowing that good that can, and will, come out of bad. No matter what life has thrown at me, I’ve kept going – I’ve found positives because I know they are always there. Yes, sometimes I’ve stumbled around in the fog for a bit, forgetting that the sunshine always follows the storm, but I always get there in the end.

Because I choose to.

I remembered this conversation, this part of me, when I recently listened to Julia Grace’s song ‘Diamond’. I love the story, the lyric.

“Find something deeper
make life a little bit sweeter,
learn to make a diamond out of every stone”.

It’s so good to have a reminder.

Life happens, life is sh*t sometimes. Sh*t happens. We choose how we react, what we see, and how we walk through the storms.

I choose sunshine.

I choose diamonds.

Where I write

I always imagine other bloggers/writers/people working from home sitting in very glamorous home offices with all their modern conveniences around them. True?

Although not glamorous, or even an office, I thought I’d share my space anyway. It’s just a corner of a room – a corner of the upstairs lounge I share with a TV, xbox, cheerleading practice mat and a mountain of lego. None-the-less it’s a corner I’m very happy with!

Up until very recently I’ve been blogging from the couch but I decided to claim a part of the house for myself. The upstairs desk had become a bit of a dead zone – a dumping ground (yes, guilty) for all the ‘we’re not sure what to do with it’ items.

Now it’s mine. I did a massive de-clutter and very cheaply made it as girlie as I could … to dissuade my husband and three sons from using it – maybe that’s my way of marking my territory!

It’s a sunny spot, with a lovely view over the neighbourhood rooftops and now that I’m the only one who uses it, it’s always tidy. My very busy diary (command central for our home) has it’s own spot, I have special mementos around me, my chargers are permanently plugged in (so not being ‘borrowed’ constantly) and things are always where I expect them to be. What more can a girl ask for? Blessed I am.

I’m still mostly inspired when I’m out walking or doing something completely away from the computer (my trusty notebook is never far away) but it’s so nice to come back to this gorgeous space and get it all down on screen.

Where do you write from?

My office space

Abbie x


I stumbled on this quote during my Pinterest wanderings this week and it kind of freaked me out as it, almost word-for-word, says exactly what I’m working on in a draft post at the moment! I guess somebody out there is thinking the same way that I am.

So here’s a sneak into a post that will be coming up next week(ish)…

Share your story

Abbie x

Prowess – I am / You are ENOUGH

Yesterday I posted about being enough. I am enough. You are enough. Even on the days when we feel like we don’t measure up WE ARE ENOUGH.

This morning a friend posted this story on her Facebook feed. This friend has the most amazingly beautiful heart and I’m almost always inspired by what she posts. She is such an encourager (as you can see). Today her words just tied in perfectly with what’s in my head and heart, and what I wrote yesterday.

Tracey Prowess

Here was this amazing woman, a life saver, carer, nurturer, who felt like she wasn’t enough because she wasn’t a great baker. Honestly, if that’s not getting tied up in society’s standards for us, I don’t know what is?! I love that my friend encouraged her so, a complete stranger, but she spoke to this woman’s heart. We should all encourage each other, these opportunities probably pass us by every day.

The word ‘prowess’ really hit me. It means “exceptional or superior ability, skill, or strength”. Yes! We’re all good at something, we can’t be good at everything. And that right there, is probably why we so often think we don’t measure up. We’re trying to be everything to everyone. Which I wrote about yesterday. Don’t do that. Be true to you and who you are. For me, that is my identity in Christ first, everything else second. I can focus on ONE thing and ONE set of standards – especially when I know those standards won’t change.

Remember – you are enough. Now go find someone else to tell that they are enough too!

Abbie x

When 1 + 1 = 8

Earlier this month we went to one of the most beautiful weddings I think I have ever attended. The setting was gorgeous, outdoors under well established trees in a beautiful garden. We sat on hay bails covered with white taffeta as the sun dimpled through the trees. The groom was handsome, the bride was stunning. So were their children. And I don’t think a single person there could deny that God was in ‘the house’. Oh yes, these two are meant to be together.

As much as the setting was gorgeous, for me, my heart-strings were really pulled on a deeper level. I could so relate with this couple. A widower who tragically lost his wife far too young, leaving him to raise their four children. And a young woman raising her twin boys alone. The joining of this gorgeous couple didn’t just bring together a husband and wife, but a big beautifully blended family.

The best man (the groom’s teenage son) spoke of the order his new stepmother would likely bring to the house…as only a woman can! The father of the groom was overwhelmed with joy when he could talk of his son’s renewed happiness after some really awful times. He also reminded the bride that she was inheriting two sets of in-laws with her new husband’s, late-wife’s family as well.

Oh yes, Richard and I could so relate! I’m just so excited for this new Mr&Mrs. It’s not an ‘everyday’ beginning to a marriage but it’s one I have lived. And continue to live. It’s not an easy beginning to a marriage but are any of the beginnings really easy, if we’re honest? Besides, there are also some really cool aspects that I pray work as well in their life, as they have in ours. The growing bonds between step-siblings, the very extended family, the maturity and experience brought to the marriage from the outset.

These are gifts.

the secret to happy marriage #goodadvice #instablogging #abbiesbabbleSomething I took away from the Pastor’s message was a little nugget of wisdom gleaned from a couple who had been married for 65 years. When asked what their secret to a successful marriage was, they said “we come from a time when, if something broke, we fixed it”. Isn’t that beautiful?! Words to live by I think, I’m getting a bit fed up with this ‘disposable life’ that seems to be so fashionable now. But that’s a whole different blog post…


CC Image background It’s All About Love by Candida.Performa via Flickr

Feeling strong

It came as a bit of a shock to me the other day.

I realised I was okay.

I am actually okay. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have clarity, peace and calm – my thoughts and feelings aren’t overshadowed by one specific emotion or event. I’m living and I’m doing fine. Better than that, I feel strong!

We’ll ignore the massive head cold which has me taking over-the-counter medication every six hours just to function. Because that’s not a big deal, that’ll be done by the weekend.

I’m talking inner, emotional, I can deal with life right now, strong.

It’s probably a bit sad that this came as a shock but if I look back, well I’ve been through the wringer in the last few years. I’ve dealt with my mum’s illness and passing, moving to a new town where I don’t know anyone, blending a family, watching my daughter struggle so desperately with the changes in our lives, and saying goodbye to my Gran. Oh, and being a newlywed. So yes there have obviously been some extreme highs in that time too!

I am still grieving my mum (10 months) and my Gran (one month) and I know I will, possibly forever. I won’t ever let them go. But I’ve reached a point where my grief no longer controls me. I don’t doubt Christmas will be hard. Very hard – I’ve already swallowed back tears more than once when I’ve heard The Little Drummer Boy playing in stores. My mum used to play this on the piano, I can still see the torn yellow cover of her sheet music. But the things is, I’m able to swallow the tears now. Most of the time.

Life comes and goes in seasons. I hope that I’m approaching a season of ‘normal’ life. Whatever that is?! Something settled perhaps? My husband has only really known me when I’ve been dealing with challenges (bless him, he’s a-m-a-y-z-i-n-g). I’ve leaned on him so hard, I’m so grateful to God for sending me this wonderful man at a time I wouldn’t want to have gone through alone.

Yes I will still face challenges. Nobody ever said life was easy. But I feel more well-equipped emotionally to deal with things at the moment, without spiraling into stress with every little thing. I’ve got this. Actually, God’s got this, He’s got me. He’s had me all along. This has definitely been a year of growth in my spiritual life.

Never Lose HopePhilippians 4:13 became a bit of a mantra for me in this time, I was often muttering it under my breath.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Yeah, sometimes just saying it once wasn’t enough!

I will say, to anyone reading this who is facing tough times please hang in there. Please know that it will get better. This is the first time in 3-4 years I could ever say that I felt strong and calm. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, always hope, always a way through.

What a ramble. Thanks for still reading!



Scripted Sunday: Overcomer

This is my daughter’s favourite song. Which I love for her – awesome lyrics. Not that I’ve created it, I’m going to print this and put it up on her noticeboard…



Where do you get your nourishment?

Imagine if you tried to eat only once a week.

I think for most of us, that would be something of a disaster right? Our body needs nourishment, it needs food daily for us to thrive.

As my pastor pointed out the other week, we also need to nourish our souls daily – we need God’s Word. Yes, we go to church on Sunday for teaching – but that might only sustain us. If we’re to flourish we need to seek the Word throughout the week as well.

It’s such a simple analogy, I can’t believe I’d never heard, or thought of it before!

It got me thinking where and how I have the Word in my life. I’m terrible at sitting down and reading the bible for a set time each day. Which bugs me no end. I could justify it and say that I’m just too busy. But why justify it? It is what it is. But I’m not avoiding God. Nor am I saying I’m right by the way – I’d love to carve that time out, I know I should make my Lord priority. Hmm, that sounds bad, He is priority, I just need to shake things up to make more time to deeply study with Him.

The way I see it, the Bible is our most awesome handbook for how to live our best life. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking this life thing one day at a time. I do not have it sorted. The fact that there is a handbook, a best practice, guidelines, rules even, right there to help us get the most out of it, well that’s pretty awesome in my eyes.

I am better off when I spend more time with the Word and I know it.

In the tough times, there’s advice and comfort.

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Romans 51:4

In all times there’s the one thing I know at the core of my being, I need and want the Word to direct my path that I live my best life for God.

“I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart”. Psalm 40:8

As I said, I’m not good at finding a specific time each day to sit down and study, so I’ve got to be creative about how I do this.

At the moment these are the various ways I spend time with God during the day:

  • Prayer – I pray all the time. I have an ongoing conversation with God. If someone pops into my head, I pray for them. My driving time (I do a lot of that!) is also good prayer time for me. I always end my day with prayer too.
  • Life FM – we listen to Christian radio which delivers a lot of fun, especially in the breakfast show, but the messages are great as well. I know it’s prompted some really interesting conversations with the children, and I’ve been deeply touched many times.
  • Music – I have playlist upon playlist of great worship music and christian artists on my Spotify account. My iPod travels with me everywhere and I’m all about filling my head with positive, mainly faith-based messages.
  • The Word For Today – a short daily devotional that I keep beside my toilet. Well um, sometimes that’s the only time you get a couple of minutes to yourself when you have four children!
  • Blogging – I often blog about matters of faith and this writing time in itself becomes a time with God. Not to mention reading, commenting on, and encouraging other blogs/bloggers in their faith journey.
  • My bible – yes, I do actually sit down and read my bible too. Like I said, I don’t set a specific time for this or necessarily do it daily, but I do read it. I still have the NIV Study bible I bought as a 16-year-old but The Bible is one book I prefer to read on the iPad. My favourite app is Tecarta where I’ve purchased a few bible versions and devotional books as well.
  • Devotionals – I have a few of these (books) beside my bed and on my iPad which I use from time to time for a quick dip into the Word.
  • Online Bible Studies – I’m a great one for signing up to online studies, then running out of time to follow through properly. So I label the incoming emails and file them together, then,  when I feel like tackling a particular topic, or know I have a few hours to myself, I’ll take on a few of the emails at a time. Joyce Meyer and Proverbs 31 Ministry are two of my favourite sources for these devotionals and online studies.
  • Conversation – the dinner table is a great one with the kids, or in the car.

What’s your favourite way to spend time with God?

Your word is a lamp to my feet


Thankful Thursday (November 13)

Dr Seuss on Thankful

I don’t think there is a single person who is living a perfect life. I mean, we all have problems, challenges, issues, trials, tribulations. Whatever you want to call them. There are a lot of us walking through this life hiding the bad stuff, I know I do.

So this is probably a good reminder to us all, that while whatever we are facing seems tough, sometimes impossible, like it will never pass, everybody else has something hard that they are facing. And there’s a good chance that somebody else is in a worse place than we are.

So let’s be grateful for what we DO have.

Let’s be grateful for the storms we have already made it through – that they have passed, that they have shaped our character, taught us lessons and made us who we are today.

Let’s also be grateful for our current storms, knowing that this too shall pass, and out the other side, we will be stronger and wiser.


Scripted Sunday: beautiful brokenness


No commentary today, this relates so closely to the sentiment of last week’s Scripted Sunday which you can read here.

Image background: Aitor Agirregabiria  cc

Sign off

Not in jail

One simple sentence can change our world – the way we see it, what we think about.

This happened to me at work. I work with teenagers who I happen to think are wonderful. Challenging sometimes, but I enjoy their company. They come to my room in the high school when they’re either sent from class for a single period or removed from classes for a full day. Yep, basically I supervise the ‘time out’ room. Some see these kids as the trouble makers. Some of them do make trouble. But I see real characters. I do tell them they are the most interesting kids in the school.

photo credit: Sifter cc

One sentence from a student hit me right between the eyes. It was the written response to the worksheet question ‘where would you like your life to lead’?

The answer: Not in jail.

In reading that, I was so sad. I immediately saw my own children with big dreams and infinite possibilities in front of them. Dreams we encourage – hopefully we model that life is what we make of it. Dreams of travelling, teaching, joining the Navy, going to University, becoming a police officer or a lawyer or a pastor or a singer. These are possibilities that they will have every opportunity to explore.

In comparison to a beautiful child who has only the hope that she wont follow the path of, I can only assume, her own family members.

This is wrong. It frustrates me no end that so many people, and now I’m not just talking about children, go through life not even knowing the amazing possibilities that are open to them. Not knowing that they have choices. Not knowing that there is always hope. One day, any day, THIS day, can be a game changer. NOW is the time to start something new, even if just to start dreaming a new dream.

What would your children say if asked ‘where would you like your life to lead’?


Remember the golden rule

We have a golden rule in our home. Well, we have a few. But this one, I wish was a universal thing. For our family, we take a Biblical stance. But I’m pretty sure it spans across all religions in some form. Really, it’s just common sense. I believe the world would be a better place if we could all just apply this:

Golden Rule

Or some others way to put this:

  • So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12)
  • Treat other people how you want to be treated
  • Put out into the world what you want to get back
  • Don’t treat others in a way that you wouldn’t want to be treated
  • Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself

We can say it different ways but it comes down to the same thing as far as I’m concerned. We all have the power to make this world a better place simply by thinking about our actions and never treating anyone in a way that we wouldn’t accept for ourselves, our mother, our little sister, our best friend…

Now I have to tell you the gorgeous logic of my seven-year old when applying this rule. Often at home I just have to give one of the kids ‘the look’ and utter the words ‘do unto others…’ and that’s enough to put perspective on a dubious behaviour. So it’s fair to say they know the ‘rule’ well. I recently posted about troubles Nat is having with bullying – part of these discussions have included me telling Nat that she doesn’t have to like her bully, but she does still have to treat her respectfully. Well, here’s Nat’s logic:

“But mum, she’s being mean to me all the time. So that means she is OK with me being rude back to her. You KNOW. Treat others how you want to be treated. She’s fine with mean cos that’s how she treats people.”

What’s a mama to say to that? haha.


Scripted Sunday

I love words, words are everywhere. I make a point of hanging on to the words – whether from books, blogs, magazines, pins, lyrics etc – that mean something to and/or inspire me.

So today is the first Scripted Sunday post where I plan to share the words that have jumped out at me through the week.

This week, song lyrics from Chris Tomlin. My daughter had this song on repeat on our car trip last weekend. It’s pretty powerful (and a great one to sing at the top of your lungs).

Whom shall I fear? The God of angel armies has my back, He IS a friend of mine. There’s my confidence right there…

Angel Armies

I have my own circus to deal with*

Not my circus
photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc

Note to self: I don’t need to get bogged down in other people’s crap drama. It’s okay to walk away. I do need to stop taking on board things that I can’t, and don’t need to control. I have my own circus to nurture and protect as priority. My circus is full of people who care for me, and I for them in return. I will be there for those people without question because we support each other. I must not let someone else’s show cloud my own.

*Never a truer word spoken!!!

What else is new here?

photo credit: stargardener cc

I’ve tackled some blog planning. Just a couple of months to see if planning works for me in this forum. I had a look at what I actually want to achieve with Abbie’s Babble which will come as no surprise to those who read my recent posts on where my blog is at and the new look.

So for those who follow, here’s some things you can expect to see (can you tell that I just love alliteration?!):

Random Rants – I’ve written a couple of these and really enjoyed writing them so will aim for a one of these every few weeks.

Scripted Sunday – An idea I had to share my love of words. Each Sunday it’s ALL about the words – quotes/saying/lyrics/pins/books that have inspired me, really made me think or are just plain beautiful.

Foodie Friday – I love food. I love digging up new recipes and trying new things. I never cook the same meal twice in a month (well, hardly ever!). I’m also embarking on a sugar reduction in our home. So while I have no official authority on the matter, and none of the recipes etc will be original, look out every other Friday for some gorgeous pics, recipes, tips and links that are all things food and follow my motto: All things in moderation.

Thankful Thursday – I’ve been sharing thoughts and words from the gratitude pages of my journal for a while now. I often go back and read the old posts if I get to feeling sad or sorry for myself and need a kick in the butt to get a smile back in my heart.

I haven’t planned out every day of every week but I thought a bit of structure couldn’t hurt. There’s still plenty of scope for me to blog about whatever is on my mind or happening in the world at any given time. Which of course is exactly what this blog is about – a place I come to, to be inspired and to get my thoughts and memories down where I can revisit them.

I did enjoy planning things out and thinking about how I’m going to keep this going though … and of course the trip to the stationery shop to buy a new folder, pens and washi tape to make it all look gorgeous was an added bonus. Yep, I’m old school, love the paper copy for some things!

Is there anything you would like to see/read from me? Any of my posts that you really like or dislike? At the end of the day, I’m here for me, but I love that there are gorgeous people who visit regularly so I’m keen to hear what you think.

Sign off


Dear dream reader

Dear dream reader

Dream readerThank you for visiting my blog. I wonder how you found my space?

While you are here, I want you to know that you’re really just like me. Except that you’re not. Because none of us is exactly the same as another. But we do have things in common.

We’re alive and striving to live the best possible version of our lives every single day. Our lives are busy – we so seek a place that is peaceful and where we can be true to ourselves. Even if just for 10 minutes in a 24 hour period.

We blog because in this online world, we’ve found a place where we matter, where we can make a difference, where we can inspire and be inspired. There is freedom in words. Here, we are allowed to be ourselves without the barriers that society so often places in our way.

Things that are real matter to us. We want the world to be a better place. In reading other people’s real stories, we are encouraged on our own journey which has already travelled quite a crooked path. But we are lucky – because we know that the crooked path has taught us lessons, strengthened us, made us who we are today. And we love to share our stories as a way to encourage others.

But really, we’re just here because we enjoy it here. This is a place we have come to love. The statistics and the likes don’t matter. They are lovely, an affirmation: someone understands us. But they don’t matter. Reading, writing, interacting. That is why we keep coming back.

You are awesome.

Sign off