Random rant: Parking matters

I got cross yesterday. Like really cross. Like two hours after the incident I was still steaming.

This has always been one of my pet peeves. But now it’s getting personal. Some people are just so ignorant, selfish and rude!

Disabled parking spotWhat am I on about this time? People parking in Disabled parking spots without permits. Ggggrrrrrrrrr.

Yep, it’s always annoyed me to see someone jumping out of their car after cruising into a Disabled spot without displaying the permit. Hello, those spots are there for a reason. There are people who genuinely need to be close to whatever facility your able-bodied self just wandered into.

When my mum was really sick she could have applied for a parking permit, quite legitimately, but kept saying ‘oh no, there are people who need them more than me’. Whatever, she could barely get out of bed without help most days. But that’s just her and I’ll always love the fighting spirit which is a big part of her legacy in me.

Anyway, I digress..

So yesterday, when leaving volleyball with my son and a friend of his, I was surprised to see his mum walking around the corner of the auditorium. She has ALS so naturally has a permit to use the parks right outside the door. But yes you guessed it, of the three clearly marked disabled parks, none were available, only one of the vehicles showed a permit.

My friend and I were both fuming. Seriously, to see her have to walk from the gate, knowing that some days, just brushing her hair is a mission, really p*ssed me off. When one of the drivers returned to the car my friend admitted she was too angry to confront her, fearing she would not keep a calm tongue and say something regrettable.

I now regret that I didn’t say something.

Some people need to pull their heads out of their own world and think about how their actions affect other people. Seriously!

Rant Over

Random Rant: Who are you calling a skinny b*tch?

Right, let’s get this out there. I am sick of being called a ‘skinny b*tch’. Or just plain ‘skinny’ when it comes with sarcasm or meanness dripping off it.

Yes, I am tall (178cm or 5’10”) and trim. The tall bit I obviously can’t control (although I still proudly wear heels) and the trim bit is mostly because I’ve been blessed with a great set of genes (no not those jeans, the biology stuff). Yes I am drawn to healthy food options and I do live a fairly active life but I have actually tried to put on weight and mostly I can’t. I am not complaining. I’m very comfortable in my skin, the skin God gave me and I look after it as I feel we all should.

The issue?

Why is it that people – friends and strangers – seem to think it’s OK to be rude about my appearance, essentially calling me derogatory names, just because I’m tall and slim?

“Oh you’re such a skinny b*tch”. Um hello, I go out of my way to NOT be a b*itch of any description thank you very much. Did I really deserve that? I’ve had that comment from friends and strangers. It’s like they assume that somehow my weight affects my personality?

I often also have strangers comment on my height. I’m not gigantic or anything and I find it weird that someone will walk up to me and say “gosh you’re very tall, what’s that like?”. Weeellll, I’ve been this way since I was 14, I breathe the same air you do, would you like me to point out your bald patch I can see from up here? But no, I know it’s not polite to draw attention to something that might make someone entirely uncomfortable!!!!!!

Some people manage to point out the obvious really nicely. A friend the other day called me svelte. Isn’t that a lovely word? Another friend called me a giraffe but at the same time was joking about being at the opposite end of the height scale. I think it’s more often largely not what you say, but how you say it. But really, let’s take the b’tch word away! Please.

You know, if I walked up to person who was vertically challenged and pushed the scales to the heavier end and called them a ‘lazy fat dwarf’ (I NEVER would just for the record) I’d probably be up on harassment charges or something. So why is there such a double standard?

Tall is just the opposite end of the continuum to short. Underweight is just the opposite end of the continuum to overweight. We’re all on the same continuum people. And yes, some people are challenged physically, but we ALL have challenges in life, physical or otherwise. Let’s not be mean, just because someone has something we perceive as ‘different’ than what we have. We’re all fighting our own battles.

And don’t get me started on ‘beauty comes from the inside’ and ‘individual beauty’. That’s an entirely different blog post that I know will come as I’m sincerely passionate society’s screwed up definitions of beauty…

Rant over!



Random Rant: What about those indicators?!

TrafficI have these things on my car. They are great. I use them prior to turning corners, prior to changing lanes, prior to exiting roundabouts, prior to pulling out of a parking space.

You know what I’m talking about right? Yep, indicators.

There’s a pretty key word when you’re going to use these as far as I’m concerned: prior.  Or just to be really clear we could use ‘ahead of’, ‘before’, ‘preceding’, or ‘in advance of’. You get my drift.

I can’t help notice how many people either don’t use indicators or use them as/after they’ve started their manoeuver.

Let’s go over the function of an indicator shall we? Just in case one of the many many many people who I see on my daily commute who is unaware they have them, or just plain doesn’t use them, is reading this. Your indicators are there to signal your intention to other drivers to change your course of direction. Using your indicator does not give you the right to change your course then and there. The official rule states we must indicate for at least three seconds BEFORE making a change of direction.

Once you have indicated you must check your blind spot so as not to veer into the car already in your destination lane. You must wait until someone lets you into the lane, not just assume that because you have your indicator on you can barge your way in (especially in busy moving traffic). Oh and if you don’t use your indicator, and someone slams on the horn as you cut them off when pulling out of a car-park with no regard to other traffic, you are just a plonker.

I come across all these examples daily. It plain frustrates me. Consideration people, get the basics right and we can all be happy and safer on the road!

rant over!



I need to have a wee rant. It’s about those blimen politicians. Oh I know they keep the country running and all that (well so they tell us!). But here in New Zealand we’re in the weeks leading up to National elections. So yeah, we ALL know what that’s like!

I generally consider myself pretty well-informed – somewhere around the middle probably, I’m no intellectual and a lot of what happens in parliament, well, I’m more than happy to let that fly over my head. But I don’t live in a bubble and make sure I know what’s going on. If there’s something I need to know, I’ll find out.

Kids being read to
photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

Last week however, politics came into my daughter’s classroom. And not in a ‘learning how the country is run’ kind of a way. I saw red as soon as she told me: “Mummy today we had Mr so-and-so come and read to us and he told us to tell our mum and dad to vote for blah blah party”. It was book week at school so there were loads of people going into the school reading to the children. Oh I so do NOT have a problem with that. Heck we all remember George W Bush reading to a group of youngsters when he heard that The Twin Towers had come down. Politicians have used kids (blergh, I don’t want to see another ‘kiss a baby’ photo!) to further their image forever. So I get that. What I have a problem with is the kids being influenced to vote a certain way. And note, she didn’t tell me what book he read her, in fact she couldn’t remember that, just his little spiel about the election.

Call me old-fashioned, but Dr Phil says it best, “children should not have to deal with adult issues”.

My kids are informed. It’s impossible to avoid the elections, there are signs EVERYWHERE. The kids, especially my young little inquirer Natalie, want to know what it’s all about and how it all works. So they get a super simplified version of government, voting, the voting system and the how and why from me. We’ve also talked about why they won’t vote until they’re 18 – the rules are set that way because they’re not equipped to understand the policies and other information that will be thrown at them to make a good, independent choice. WHICH IS WHY THE POLITICIANS SHOULD KEEP THE POLITICKING OUT OF SCHOOLS!!!!! Oh, I yelled that. Yeah, bit passionate.

Don’t get me wrong Mr and Mrs Politician, go to the schools, have your photo taken reading to the little people, of course it’ll do wonders for your Facebook page. But leave the kids to be kids, don’t bother them with stuff they don’t need to know. It’s not their problem, they will make their own choices later in life … when the time is right.

I don’t know, I might be completely out on my own here. I don’t care, it’s how I feel and I’m sticking to my guns on this one.



“Mama is one-five-oh-oh-oh bigger than two-two-oh-oh-oh?”

Girl on iPod
photo credit: Dennis Larson via photopin cc

A seemingly random question thrown from the backseat of the car set my brain into action and I need a place to vent. So hello! Continue reading “RANDOM RANT: GAMES NOT HELPING MATHS!”