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Random rant: Parking matters

I got cross yesterday. Like really cross. Like two hours after the incident I was still steaming. This has always been one of my pet peeves. But now it's getting personal. Some people are just so ignorant, selfish and rude! What am I on about this time? People parking in Disabled parking spots without permits.… Continue reading Random rant: Parking matters

Random Rant

Random Rant: Who are you calling a skinny b*tch?

Right, let's get this out there. I am sick of being called a 'skinny b*tch'. Or just plain 'skinny' when it comes with sarcasm or meanness dripping off it. Yes, I am tall (178cm or 5'10") and trim. The tall bit I obviously can't control (although I still proudly wear heels) and the trim bit is… Continue reading Random Rant: Who are you calling a skinny b*tch?

Random Rant

Random Rant: What about those indicators?!

I have these things on my car. They are great. I use them prior to turning corners, prior to changing lanes, prior to exiting roundabouts, prior to pulling out of a parking space. You know what I'm talking about right? Yep, indicators. There's a pretty key word when you're going to use these as far… Continue reading Random Rant: What about those indicators?!

Random Rant


I need to have a wee rant. It's about those blimen politicians. Oh I know they keep the country running and all that (well so they tell us!). But here in New Zealand we're in the weeks leading up to National elections. So yeah, we ALL know what that's like! I generally consider myself pretty… Continue reading RANDOM RANT: POLITICKING KIDS

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"Mama is one-five-oh-oh-oh bigger than two-two-oh-oh-oh?" A seemingly random question thrown from the backseat of the car set my brain into action and I need a place to vent. So hello! What my daughter is asking is 'I've got 15,000 Kibble so can I 'buy' something that is 22,000 Kibble'. She's playing a Pet Shop game on her… Continue reading RANDOM RANT: GAMES NOT HELPING MATHS!