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Where I write

I always imagine other bloggers/writers/people working from home sitting in very glamorous home offices with all their modern conveniences around them. True?

Although not glamorous, or even an office, I thought I’d share my space anyway. It’s just a corner of a room – a corner of the upstairs lounge I share with a TV, xbox, cheerleading practice mat and a mountain of lego. None-the-less it’s a corner I’m very happy with!

Up until very recently I’ve been blogging from the couch but I decided to claim a part of the house for myself. The upstairs desk had become a bit of a dead zone – a dumping ground (yes, guilty) for all the ‘we’re not sure what to do with it’ items.

Now it’s mine. I did a massive de-clutter and very cheaply made it as girlie as I could … to dissuade my husband and three sons from using it – maybe that’s my way of marking my territory!

It’s a sunny spot, with a lovely view over the neighbourhood rooftops and now that I’m the only one who uses it, it’s always tidy. My very busy diary (command central for our home) has it’s own spot, I have special mementos around me, my chargers are permanently plugged in (so not being ‘borrowed’ constantly) and things are always where I expect them to be. What more can a girl ask for? Blessed I am.

I’m still mostly inspired when I’m out walking or doing something completely away from the computer (my trusty notebook is never far away) but it’s so nice to come back to this gorgeous space and get it all down on screen.

Where do you write from?

My office space

Abbie x


16 thoughts on “Where I write”

  1. This is a lovely spot you have created for yourself- so inviting! I currently blog most often while standing at the kitchen bar counter as it’s the perfect height for me and keeps me from sitting for too long. You have inspired me to make a space of my own, though. 🙂

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    1. Yay I love to inspire ☺ Standing to blog sounds good, I’d probably be much more efficient with my time that way. Less likely to become distracted…


  2. I love your sign that says “Grow where you are planted”. I can relate that to my life now, being in a city that I really don’t like. Maybe I need to grow here, while I’m here, and not worry so much about when I get to move on. Thanks for sharing! You have a lovely space. I write at my formal dining room table. I have a wonderful desk in my bedroom, but it’s not in a good spot for writing. Everyone is always walking by and making tons of noise because the kitchen is right outside my bedroom. So here I sit at my table that is too high to sit comfortably, either that or the chair is too low. 🙂 And still I am being interrupted even in this moment right now, by children who won’t go to sleep! Such is life I guess…. “sigh”… 😦


    1. I am so similar. This is my third year in this town but I haven’t settled or really even tried to like it. This is my note to self this year. Stop worrying about anything other than flourishing as an amazing wife and mum in this place. Changing my mind space is helping…

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      1. I guess nowadays it’s harder to feel settled in a new place. I know for me, it’s hard because I don’t have family here except for my immediate family. Also, I don’t make friends easily. So for me, it could literally take years for me to mesh with the locals.


        1. Yep I can relate to all of that. I don’t have any family here and neither does my husband. Really miss that support! It’s definitely a process. Connecting online makes me feel like I have friends even if I don’t often get out to meet in real world for coffee 🙂

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  3. Oh, I’m jealous! It’s perfect! Neat desk! I’m sitting on my couch now, (of course it’s Saturday, so it’s OK)…I created an office space in our room that used to be a garage and is now my husband’s man cave. It’s not glamorous but I have a big monitor there so I can just hook my laptop to it and get work done. Enjoy!


    1. I guess this is my girlie version of man cave! Luckily writing doesn’t need a lot of tools or space. I do like coming back to the same place to write each time tho, I think it helps me focus.

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