What else is new here?

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I’ve tackled some blog planning. Just a couple of months to see if planning works for me in this forum. I had a look at what I actually want to achieve with Abbie’s Babble which will come as no surprise to those who read my recent posts on where my blog is at and the new look.

So for those who follow, here’s some things you can expect to see (can you tell that I just love alliteration?!):

Random Rants – I’ve written a couple of these and really enjoyed writing them so will aim for a one of these every few weeks.

Scripted Sunday – An idea I had to share my love of words. Each Sunday it’s ALL about the words – quotes/saying/lyrics/pins/books that have inspired me, really made me think or are just plain beautiful.

Foodie Friday – I love food. I love digging up new recipes and trying new things. I never cook the same meal twice in a month (well, hardly ever!). I’m also embarking on a sugar reduction in our home. So while I have no official authority on the matter, and none of the recipes etc will be original, look out every other Friday for some gorgeous pics, recipes, tips and links that are all things food and follow my motto: All things in moderation.

Thankful Thursday – I’ve been sharing thoughts and words from the gratitude pages of my journal for a while now. I often go back and read the old posts if I get to feeling sad or sorry for myself and need a kick in the butt to get a smile back in my heart.

I haven’t planned out every day of every week but I thought a bit of structure couldn’t hurt. There’s still plenty of scope for me to blog about whatever is on my mind or happening in the world at any given time. Which of course is exactly what this blog is about – a place I come to, to be inspired and to get my thoughts and memories down where I can revisit them.

I did enjoy planning things out and thinking about how I’m going to keep this going though … and of course the trip to the stationery shop to buy a new folder, pens and washi tape to make it all look gorgeous was an added bonus. Yep, I’m old school, love the paper copy for some things!

Is there anything you would like to see/read from me? Any of my posts that you really like or dislike? At the end of the day, I’m here for me, but I love that there are gorgeous people who visit regularly so I’m keen to hear what you think.

Sign off



8 thoughts on “What else is new here?”

    1. Thank you John, you are so supportive! I’ve found the marketing manager in me taking over my blog. And I’m okay with that – as long as I keep telling myself this is my space for me first 🙂


      1. Your site is your domain, your home on the Web. You are queen of your domain! I recently made some big changes to my photo site, trying for a bit more professional look even though I am certainly not a pro photo guru.

        Web design is fun!


  1. Alliteration always sucks me in – I love it!
    Totally agree about planning ahead. On top of working and studying, I really don’t want to let my content slide by the wayside and get lost. Hello editorial calendar!


  2. I enjoy reading your daily blog (and often two, or three daily entries) immensely. You write from your heart, and often your insights provoke similar emotional responses from me. Your writing is profound; such a gift. Thank-you.


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