Earlier in the year, the kids and I were loving this song with an anti-bullying message by a young kiwi artist. It seems more relevant now that our own family is being affected by bullying so here’s the video again…

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For the last few weeks the kids and I have been loving a new song on the airwaves. I recently learned it’s by an awesome and inspiring young kiwi artist.

The lyrics, the message, and the story to get the song out there – it’s too good and too important not to share.

Here’s the link to Nakita Turner’s website but even if her story doesn’t interest you, take five and listen to her song.

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Scripted Sunday

I love words, words are everywhere. I make a point of hanging on to the words – whether from books, blogs, magazines, pins, lyrics etc – that mean something to and/or inspire me.

So today is the first Scripted Sunday post where I plan to share the words that have jumped out at me through the week.

This week, song lyrics from Chris Tomlin. My daughter had this song on repeat on our car trip last weekend. It’s pretty powerful (and a great one to sing at the top of your lungs).

Whom shall I fear? The God of angel armies has my back, He IS a friend of mine. There’s my confidence right there…

Angel Armies

The first Foodie Friday

When it comes to food choices, I tend to follow my gut (no pun intended!). I’m naturally drawn to healthy options … give me sushi over McDonalds any day. I do take my role as Guardian of the Pantry for my family quite seriously as I want to raise an active and healthy family. I did think I was doing really well with my ‘everything in moderation’ approach until that was blown out of the water recently with a lot of media attention to the sugar debate. This really prompted some thinking and a bit of research from me.

So this post is about my thoughts on food. As I’m aiming for a Foodie Friday post each fortnight, it’s probably really important that you know my overall philosophy.

I’m not going to quote facts and statistics back to you. I’m not good at remembering that stuff anyway. But I do know when I read/hear something and it feels right for me and my family. I get that everyone has opinions and philosophy of their own. I respect that and am grateful daily that there are really not dietary restrictions in my home.

I generally make good choices for my family in terms of nutrition. I make sure everyone has a good breakfast, lunch boxes are full of variety, and dinner is pretty much made from scratch. We eat a lot of meat (helps that my husband hunts and we have access to home-kill beef from time to time). I do have a zero tolerance to fizzy and fruit juice, except for special occasions (moderation!). So I’m not doing too bad am I?

There’s been a media storm around sugar here lately. I was already aware of the risks and limited negative benefits of a high sugar diet but had no idea how much sugar there really was in our diet. Some things I thought were good foods, actually really are not – like white rice and couscous!

CoffeeAs I write this I’m stirring half a teaspoon of raw sugar into my flat white. I’m human! But that is, I think, an example that perfectly reflects my approach. I’m not going on a complete sugar ban, I do still believe that all things in moderation is a healthy approach. That’s tempered now with a healthy dose of education which allows me to give my family better options. For example, instead of loading breakfast cereal with brown sugar, most of us now opt for fruit and homemade Greek yoghurt as toppings. I also make my own muesli from fresh/raw sources (and it’s yummy!). There’s still sweetness to suit our palettes but it is now coming from less refined sources.

I know that if I ban anything completely, my kids are old enough to get it themselves and will binge – they love sweet snacks and convenience food…they are kids. I want to encourage a healthy relationship with food so make a point of talking to them about nutrition. The two oldest boys pack their own lunch and I love to hear “I’ve got hockey today I better have some extra protein”. On the other hand I also had “oh mum, enough with the sugar already” as I stopped a third helping of tomato sauce at the dinner table (do you have any idea how much sugar in that stuff!).

Balance is key. I won’t deny, but I will offer ‘better’ alternatives and ‘sometimes’ foods.

So what do I teach my kids:

  • Protein – good! There’s plenty of ways to get it and I make sure these are readily available.
  • Sugar – we love the sweet stuff but we need to get it from natural sources as much as possible (fruit and honey are great in my eyes). Sugar in fruit is fructose (a simple sugar) and it’s packaged with water, minerals, vitamins and fibre – the fibre that slows the sugar absorption by our bodies so we don’t get those highs and lows as blood-glucose levels fluctuate (I think that’s right?!).
  • Carbs – yep, love ’em too! There are good carbs and bad carbs – we aim for carbs that are full of fibre to minimise the negative effects. Brown rice is better than white, wholemeal bread better than white, whole-grains, veges, fruit and beans are best choices. We love kumara, chickpeas, lentils and quinoa, How lucky am I not to have fussy kids?

So here it is, the food philosophy of Abbie:

Food philosophy
photo credit: Edson Hong via photopin cc

Wow, that was really great to actually put on paper. I’m a lot clearer now, hope you can all see where I’m coming from?

Next time I’ll write about some of the changes I’ve made to my family’s diet so far … and how they have been received (which is not all good, even for me!).

Is there anything there that you can relate to? Or disagree with? Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of the factual stuff too! Do you have a food philosophy?

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Always dream, and dream new dreams

Dream. ALWAYS dream.

Life is unpredictable. We can’t control a lot of what’s happening outside, but most of us can control what’s happening inside. Always have dreams to keep you going and at some point, make sure you start working towards them. My dreams have changed over the years but when I look properly, I can see I’m now living what was my dream just a few years ago (one of them anyway).

Dreams are our minds way of telling us what we really want. Don’t ignore your imagination – when you really let it go, I think it will show you the desires of your heart. Work on those dreams … the big ones are probably those that will make us happiest.

What do you dream of? I will share mine in a future post…

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A new look

Following on from my last post, I’m moving forward with a new look and a modified About page. I wanted something that more reflected me – a bit brighter and more cheerful to set the scene for my blog. I hope you like it.

I’m also sitting down to do some actual blog planning. So far it’s been a case of ‘be inspired, write, post’. As life gets busier over summer (hallelujah, spring is here, summer is coming!), I think I need to be more proactive to keep up with this blog that I love.

Have a beautiful blessed day where ever you are…

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@abbiesbabbleSo yesterday I decided to go to ‘the dark side’ and explore the world that is Twitter. Up until now I’ve been a real Facebook kind of a girl. At the moment the Twitter-sphere look interesting and slightly (a lot!) confusing but I’m sure that in a short time I will have a new addiction.

When I started blogging, I thought it was just going to be me, writing and playing with my site  – I love that stuff. Turns out bloggers are a pretty cool bunch of people and connecting with great people online is something I’m really enjoying. Heck I’m an introvert, the inter-web is my ideal playground!

And that’s why I now have a twitter handle – why don’t you head on over and join me

“If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.”

“If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.”

I love this perspective on blogging from the Daily Post. The first para of Andrew Sullivan’s words in particular. When reading the second para I can’t quite relate as I do find time to read long form writing and be with my own thoughts too. Not being a writer as such, I don’t worry that I don’t write much in the way of long form myself.

The Daily Post

Blogging hasn’t been around for that long, historically speaking, but it’s already transformed the way writers seek and find their audience and become members of larger communities.

Here’s Andrew Sullivan, one of the blogosphere’s earliest — and most successful — citizens, weighing in (back in 2010) on writing, interaction, and striking a balance between different modes of expression:

I’m a writer by profession and it’s totally clear to me that since I started blogging, the amount I write has increased exponentially, my daily interactions with the views of others have never been so frequent, the diversity of voices I engage with is far higher than in the pre-Internet age — and all this has helped me become more modest as a thinker, more open to error, less fixated on what I do know, and more respectful of what I don’t. If this is a deterioration in my brain, then…

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“Mama is one-five-oh-oh-oh bigger than two-two-oh-oh-oh?”

Girl on iPod
photo credit: Dennis Larson via photopin cc

A seemingly random question thrown from the backseat of the car set my brain into action and I need a place to vent. So hello! Continue reading “RANDOM RANT: GAMES NOT HELPING MATHS!”