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My hope

This quote speaks for itself but can I just say, if you're looking for a great devotional resource, visit She Reads Truth, which is where I found these words. These study plans are written by a variety of authors - they are so genuine and heartfelt. I have the free app on my phone and… Continue reading My hope

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Where I write

I always imagine other bloggers/writers/people working from home sitting in very glamorous home offices with all their modern conveniences around them. True? Although not glamorous, or even an office, I thought I'd share my space anyway. It's just a corner of a room - a corner of the upstairs lounge I share with a TV, xbox,… Continue reading Where I write

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I stumbled on this quote during my Pinterest wanderings this week and it kind of freaked me out as it, almost word-for-word, says exactly what I'm working on in a draft post at the moment! I guess somebody out there is thinking the same way that I am. So here's a sneak into a post… Continue reading Sharing

Scripted Sunday

Scripted Sunday: strong, happy, miracles

I do love Audrey Hepburn 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone...

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Books books books! (a roundup)

As a baby, my mum used to put me on the potty to read books. I guess that's a form of toilet training?! I have always gained a lot of enjoyment out of it (reading, not the potty, just to be clear). Now, as part of my 'live a life I'm truly happy with' I'm making more… Continue reading Books books books! (a roundup)

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A new page of Babble: Quotes

This morning I added a new page to abbie'sbabble. Quotes - see it up there ↑ in the menu bar? Well if not, you can get to it here. This new page is a collection of the images I have created with words, lyrics, quotes, sayings that I find inspiring. I think words are incredibly powerful… Continue reading A new page of Babble: Quotes

Scripted Sunday

Scripted Sunday: Youer than you

This is one of my all-time favourite quotes. I've done this today for my daughter who is having challenges at school with a bully. It's hurting her self-esteem in a big way so we're really trying to affirm at home that each one of our children is special, wonderful and amazing in their own way. And as the… Continue reading Scripted Sunday: Youer than you


Remember the golden rule

We have a golden rule in our home. Well, we have a few. But this one, I wish was a universal thing. For our family, we take a Biblical stance. But I'm pretty sure it spans across all religions in some form. Really, it's just common sense. I believe the world would be a better place if we could… Continue reading Remember the golden rule

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I have my own circus to deal with*

Note to self: I don't need to get bogged down in other people's crap drama. It's okay to walk away. I do need to stop taking on board things that I can't, and don't need to control. I have my own circus to nurture and protect as priority. My circus is full of people who care for me, and… Continue reading I have my own circus to deal with*

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This week I went to the funeral of a little girl who was just 20 months old. When I initially heard the new that Iola (spelt with an 'I' said like a 'Y') had died I was of course sad but also angry. I think perhaps angry at God. My question was 'Why'. Why would… Continue reading IT’S A MATTER OF FAITH

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I found these words in the book I started reading last night. This is why I read. To open my imagination, thus meeting new people and places, and experiencing new things. After my disappointment with The Fault in Our Stars, I was overjoyed to dive into a new book and immediately meet characters I wanted… Continue reading THE JOY OF READING

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This term our three youngest will be focusing on the Core Value of Integrity at school. I think it can be defined in a lot of different ways and am really looking forward to our teatime round-the-table discussions as we get further into their learning. I would like to think I am a person of integrity in… Continue reading INTEGRITY

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This was on my list of quotes to post. A great post by Amanda Grace that I can relate to in many ways prompted me to bump it up the list...



On Sunday I heard this: "If you're too busy to do that, then your busy is wrong". Your BUSY is WRONG. This has been in my head for days now and ties together a few things that have bugged me lately. I don't know about you but I've noticed the default answer to the question… Continue reading THE BUSY IS WRONG

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For a self-confessed perfectionist and control freak, this is a big life lesson for me at the moment. I've read this quote a number of times and felt compelled to create it in a form for my own space - a note to self you could say. You can click through to this post for an example of… Continue reading NO NEED TO BE PERFECT

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"It is only a 60-inch journey from our head to our feet; but often times, it is the most difficult journey we embark upon. To move an idea from our head to our actions requires discipline: discipline to cut out distractions, discipline to get started, and discipline to get better." Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist

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"Here’s the thing – the damage to our spirit always lives in the story we tell ourselves. Shit happens. People behave badly. They bully, they call each other names, they act unskillfully. People do what they do. What we decide about ourselves in those moments is what matters most". Andrea Scher - Superhero Life

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“You are you and that is true, there's no one in the world who's you-er than you.” Dr Seuss I love these words. I also love the way Dr Seuss delivers big life lessons in a simple way. I want my children to know to the very core of themselves that this is truth. God… Continue reading A WORD FROM DR SEUSS