At Our House


Birthday cake
One of two cakes!

I don’t make a big deal of my birthday as a rule. I prefer to just let it slide – it’s not an age issue, that’s just me, I don’t need to be centre of attention, in fact I prefer not to be! This year however, circumstances weaved a beautifully perfect birthday weekend for me with lots of special people. And marked some new steps on my personal journey of growth and healing.

My husband started spoiling me at 6.50am bringing me coffee in bed (I’m not a morning person so this coffee was a very good thing!). Through the grapevine that is social media there were people wishing me happy birthday all day. And amazingly the sun came out with a blue sky day and temperature of 20 degrees – keep in mind it’s mid-winter here and today our high is not even reaching double digits! I can’t remember such a warm day for my birthday so there’s a treat in itself!!!

My dad came down for the weekend so he and I were able to spend some lovely times together. It’s been a ‘funny’ year as we’ve walked the beginning of this journey without my mum. To have him here and really chat face to face was super special, and I said goodbye to him feeling so good about where we’re both at and where we’re going now. I should probably mention he brought the best carrot cake EVER care of my cousin back home. Yum!

Cousin love
My cousin, my daughter, me

Another of my lovely cousins was here from out-of-town. We managed a ‘productive’ coffee and shopping (SHOPPING!) catch up, followed by a lovely evening at home. We’re so similar yet so different in some ways. It’s always fun to catch up. She inspires me completely, is one of the most super talented, bubbly people I know and I think anyone whose life she touches is genuinely lucky 🙂

I also heard from my mum. Not in a spooky, raised from the tomb kind of way! It turns out that last year she wrote a birthday card for me. Although I knew she had done that for my daughter (up to age 21, she’s 7 now), it didn’t even cross my mind she would have done that for me. Oh my goodness did that get me crying – just seeing her handwriting on the envelope tipped me over the edge. It’s those shocking unexpected moments that hit the hardest I tell you! The card was beautifully simple, just so ‘mum’. Her messages I knew, it’s what I’ve told myself that she would be telling me all along. Among other things: “Just be happy and live for every day”. And I am. And I will continue to do so.

Oh and Sunday evening, I was home alone, and decided to rearrange my big bookcase (I have a few). That might give you some insight into me – I actually enjoyed myself a lot. Haha.

Just be happy



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