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To my strong-willed, passionate, very loved, almost-8-year-old daughter

Dear Nat You have had a rough time lately and I want to encourage you. I want to tell you that you are amazing. I want you to know that even though we do most definitely have our challenges, we are going to work it out. I want to tell you (again and forever) just how… Continue reading To my strong-willed, passionate, very loved, almost-8-year-old daughter

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Those of you who know me, or who follow my blog, will know I have no problem stating things as I see them. I'm a pretty very open person and you'll pretty much always know where I stand on an issue. While blogging gives me time to think and articulate my thoughts (I've written about this before), when… Continue reading TO INSULATE OR EXPOSE TO THE WORLD?

At Our House


I don't make a big deal of my birthday as a rule. I prefer to just let it slide - it's not an age issue, that's just me, I don't need to be centre of attention, in fact I prefer not to be! This year however, circumstances weaved a beautifully perfect birthday weekend for me… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY WEEKEND

Writing prompt


Daily prompt: Age-Old Questions I wrote about age in a recent post. It was a nice segue from childhood dreams to the same age-old question that of today. Is age just a number? Should we care? What I came up with in that post was: "I'm not sure that at the grand old age of 36 I… Continue reading NUMBERS OR SEASONS?

Writing prompt


Daily writing prompt: Adult Visions I grew up knowing some things about my future. I was told/heard them often enough. "Oh Abbie, she's a good girl. She's so bright. She'll go to university." I mean I was your typical oldest child - reliable and conscientious. God blessed me with a good brain and I liked… Continue reading HOLDING TO MY CHILDLIKE PERSPECTIVE