Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

This week some of the things I have written on the Thankful pages of my journal are:

  • Birthdays. Turning another year older is a privilege not given to all so I’m grateful to be 37. Not only that I also enjoyed a birthday weekend catching up with family I don’t see all the time.
  • An awesome first experience hosting an international home-stay student. It was only 10 days but our whole family got something out of it – we plan to host more students in the future.
  • Sleep. Seems simple right?! It’s now four weeks since I took a sleeping tablet and I’m getting a good amount of zzzzzzzzzz’s every night. I feel so much more alive in body and mind. Even the mornings are easier (and I’m not a morning person)!
  • Coffee. Even though I’m sleeping better, I just love coffee. Especially the therma-cup my husband leaves each morning when he goes to work. He makes a mean espresso which is yum 🙂

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