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A big part of the reason I started this blog was to find my voice. My authentic voice. To work out, in the midst of this life, which has gone through some pretty monumental shift in the last few years, who I really am.

You may ask ‘how could a blog help?‘ which is a fair question. I know it is probably not for everyone but for me, it’s therapy. I’ve written in journals since I was a teenager, I love to write, it’s possibly even something I’m quite good at, and when I write,

things. just. make. sense.

Everything flows out of my brain in logical sequences which is crazy weird when, until that moment when the words hit the page, it’s a higgledy piggledy mess of well thought out, but very tangled ideas. So yes, for me, writing, in this case blogging, is a great way to sort through some things. That was what I expected when I started, and it has most definitely been true. I am most articulate, when I have time to let my words be written.

I blog because when I do ... things just make sense.

huge upside of blogging that I wasn’t expecting was connecting with other bloggers. I admit I was cynical and thought perhaps if anyone actually found my blog (I was prepared for the stats to sit at zero), they would criticize my writing or point of view. How wrong was I?! The blogging community is fully supportive. I’m not out there writing controversial pieces, I’m genuine and enjoying meeting like-minded people from all over the world. I am  learning from and being inspired by other bloggers daily and who knows, maybe I can inspire someone else too?!

Blogging has very quickly become a big deal for me. It’s not only a journal, but a hobby, a creative outlet (that I didn’t realise how much I craved) and a social channel too (for my introverted self it totally works!). There are all sorts of ‘rules’ of blogging but honestly, I’ve set out to be true to myself and that’s what I will keep doing. I’m not scared to share what’s on my heart – I am my experiences. I haven’t set out to make money, influence people, seek fame or anything else. I’m here to enjoy myself and write whatever comes out on the day.

I am Abbie. I am here to be real. And I am loving it here x


19 thoughts on “I BLOG BECAUSE…”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly about the support one receives from the blogging community. It’s been an invaluable experience for me.


    1. Yes I’ve been blown away – a pleasant bonus for me. The upside of being cynical I guess, it was completely unexpected! Thanks for commenting 🙂


    1. Hi Erik. You have a great blog, I can see myself easily falling into your posts! I’m amazed at how quickly my voice is emerging. It’s an amazing process. I can see you’re all about doing what you love … I love to write, more than I knew. A 🙂


      1. Abbie,

        That’s how it started with me. I’ve been writing and devouring books for years, but never really realized how much I loved it until recently. Thank you for checking out my page, I’m looking forward to your posts 🙂


          1. Hi Abbie. I totally get the ‘creative outlet I didn’t even know I craved’…

            Art has been that for me and has also become a big deal. I started my blog as a way of journalling along side that.

            Also get the introverted part 😉

            It’s so lovely to read your voice Abbie, actually I feel like it’s your heart doing the writing. Maybe your heart is your voice…

            There’s a sense of trueness, sincerity & spirit. I sense the blossoming in you… That’s real and that’s beautiful… To witness a soul surfacing. That’s the sense I get from you.

            I’m on the same journey my friend, probably why we connected here… How a simple following through of creative desire can unleash such spirit… ❤

            Always, Amanda xx


          2. Hi Amanda. I always seem to start my reply to your messages with ‘thank you’! You have a lovely way with words, thanks for sending some in my direction. You are insightful, I do feel on the edge of something ‘blossoming’ as you put it. I like the word ‘unleashed’ too! It’s exciting. So lovely to connect with someone else on the same path. Ax

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    2. Hi Erik.. I’m with Abbie.. I can see by your blog you’re on your way… Wherever that may take you, but like us.. You’ve honored the whispering of your heart.

      How fortunate are we to have been open to noticing our pulls…

      May we be ‘us’ ❤


  2. I started blogging for the same reason. I’ve always kept a journal. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and have a voice like you said. 🙂


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