Random Rant

Random rant: Parking matters

I got cross yesterday. Like really cross. Like two hours after the incident I was still steaming.

This has always been one of my pet peeves. But now it’s getting personal. Some people are just so ignorant, selfish and rude!

Disabled parking spotWhat am I on about this time? People parking in Disabled parking spots without permits. Ggggrrrrrrrrr.

Yep, it’s always annoyed me to see someone jumping out of their car after cruising into a Disabled spot without displaying the permit. Hello, those spots are there for a reason. There are people who genuinely need to be close to whatever facility your able-bodied self just wandered into.

When my mum was really sick she could have applied for a parking permit, quite legitimately, but kept saying ‘oh no, there are people who need them more than me’. Whatever, she could barely get out of bed without help most days. But that’s just her and I’ll always love the fighting spirit which is a big part of her legacy in me.

Anyway, I digress..

So yesterday, when leaving volleyball with my son and a friend of his, I was surprised to see his mum walking around the corner of the auditorium. She has ALS so naturally has a permit to use the parks right outside the door. But yes you guessed it, of the three clearly marked disabled parks, none were available, only one of the vehicles showed a permit.

My friend and I were both fuming. Seriously, to see her have to walk from the gate, knowing that some days, just brushing her hair is a mission, really p*ssed me off. When one of the drivers returned to the car my friend admitted she was too angry to confront her, fearing she would not keep a calm tongue and say something regrettable.

I now regret that I didn’t say something.

Some people need to pull their heads out of their own world and think about how their actions affect other people. Seriously!

Rant Over


9 thoughts on “Random rant: Parking matters”

  1. It so bad in the states if you do not have a disabled placard or license plate and park in a marked disabled parking spot, it is a $250+ fine. That’s what needs to happen! I feel very sorry for the people who need to park closer due to disabilities and can’t.


  2. 100% fully justified rant, and this is near the top of my peeves list as well. I tend to park as far away from the store or restaurant as safety permits, using the extra steps for extra exercise. It amazes me that people are that rude and thoughtless to park in those spaces…Grrrrr!!


  3. I so so SO understand! I relate to this on MANY levels! I hate when people abuse these places, I always have. It gained a whole new meaning when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS. He has been gone 9 years now, but it is still one of my biggest peeves!


    1. I’m sorry for the loss of your Dad *hug*

      Yes there are so many people who really need these spots, I’m glad there are lots of us who still respect that.

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  4. That is a pet peeve of mine also. Those spaces are designed for one sole purpose – for the people who *need* them, not for the lazy who don’t want to walk.


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