Random Rant

Random Rant: Who are you calling a skinny b*tch?

Right, let’s get this out there. I am sick of being called a ‘skinny b*tch’. Or just plain ‘skinny’ when it comes with sarcasm or meanness dripping off it.

Yes, I am tall (178cm or 5’10”) and trim. The tall bit I obviously can’t control (although I still proudly wear heels) and the trim bit is mostly because I’ve been blessed with a great set of genes (no not those jeans, the biology stuff). Yes I am drawn to healthy food options and I do live a fairly active life but I have actually tried to put on weight and mostly I can’t. I am not complaining. I’m very comfortable in my skin, the skin God gave me and I look after it as I feel we all should.

The issue?

Why is it that people – friends and strangers – seem to think it’s OK to be rude about my appearance, essentially calling me derogatory names, just because I’m tall and slim?

“Oh you’re such a skinny b*tch”. Um hello, I go out of my way to NOT be a b*itch of any description thank you very much. Did I really deserve that? I’ve had that comment from friends and strangers. It’s like they assume that somehow my weight affects my personality?

I often also have strangers comment on my height. I’m not gigantic or anything and I find it weird that someone will walk up to me and say “gosh you’re very tall, what’s that like?”. Weeellll, I’ve been this way since I was 14, I breathe the same air you do, would you like me to point out your bald patch I can see from up here? But no, I know it’s not polite to draw attention to something that might make someone entirely uncomfortable!!!!!!

Some people manage to point out the obvious really nicely. A friend the other day called me svelte. Isn’t that a lovely word? Another friend called me a giraffe but at the same time was joking about being at the opposite end of the height scale. I think it’s more often largely not what you say, but how you say it. But really, let’s take the b’tch word away! Please.

You know, if I walked up to person who was vertically challenged and pushed the scales to the heavier end and called them a ‘lazy fat dwarf’ (I NEVER would just for the record) I’d probably be up on harassment charges or something. So why is there such a double standard?

Tall is just the opposite end of the continuum to short. Underweight is just the opposite end of the continuum to overweight. We’re all on the same continuum people. And yes, some people are challenged physically, but we ALL have challenges in life, physical or otherwise. Let’s not be mean, just because someone has something we perceive as ‘different’ than what we have. We’re all fighting our own battles.

And don’t get me started on ‘beauty comes from the inside’ and ‘individual beauty’. That’s an entirely different blog post that I know will come as I’m sincerely passionate society’s screwed up definitions of beauty…

Rant over!




15 thoughts on “Random Rant: Who are you calling a skinny b*tch?”

  1. I love it! You’re practically a supermodel by genetic standards and people LOVE them. Definitely a double-standard society we live in! You captured the feelings well. I relate as a tallish 5’8” (taller than most women in the room), curvy with red curly hair. You think I haven’t heard all the redhead jokes? I’ve read, worldwide the average woman is 5’4” and a size 14. Anyway, nicely done and secretly most women would love to be tall and thin!!


  2. Why on earth would you call anybody a bitch if she is not truly a bitch??? Interesting that people find it okay to call someone skinny (in that way) but find it off to call someone fat! Both is not okay. People are just interesting…


    1. People ARE interesting. Sometimes I think we forget to think how the other person will be affected by our words and actions. Which is why I really try and live by ‘do unto others’ 🙂

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  3. I SO agree with you about the society’s definition of beauty. I feel like its the media who has actually created a ‘definition’. I don’t think humankind came into existence with a preset idea of who is pretty and who is not.


    1. Isn’t that completely the truth! It makes it hard as a mama to teach your children that beauty is a true heart, a genuine smile, a kind act etc. But I’m working on it!


  4. I have always worked with my kids to help them identify ways to diffuse uncomfortable situations when faced with tactless slurs or comments or opinions by trying to see inside the other person’s head–to realize that very likely, whatever that individual said has come from a place of ignorance, fear, or a misguided attempt to connect. If they’re trying to be hip, snarky or funny, sometimes it all falls flat, and they (my kids) could choose to be diplomatic and help them save face, oftentimes with nothing more than a smile and a change of subject, or a bit of humor, or even self-deprecation. It can be very disarming and welcoming.
    Keep your chin up high with that beautiful height and slim stature. They truly are lovely things to help you see above some of the more humdrum problems of every day life.


  5. What a rant Abbie, I know you are venting about a serious issue that you feel a certain way about but the raw truth you communicated in your post had me laughing aloud. I can certainly feel you about being called out of your name. Some women use that word freely with there friends. I don’t blame you, no one will be calling me that not even in a so-called joking way. 5’10’ and svelte, Please, many of us only wish to be that size and height. Hey, some people just aren’t comfortable in their own skin so they attempt to make you uncomfortable in yours. Thanks for the entertaining yet honest rant.

    Be Blessed!



    1. I’m glad I could make you laugh. My ‘random rants’ are only half serious, it’s nice to be able to be a bit entertaining. Thanks so much for your feedback 🙂

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  6. Ah, yes, the problems of being skinny. I’m short and skinny and everyone seems to comment on the skinniness. I can’t get away from it. And I try to put on weight too but nothing as worked so far. I think ‘small’ is the word people use most to describe me. It’s never an insult, but it’s a bit relentless.


    1. I’ve tried to put on weight too. People generally don’t like to hear that I just can’t! Some can be insulting, some are just ignorant I think.. Totally agree with relentless.


  7. Why would anyone call anyone ‘bitch’ as slang I never understood…(as I am from Italy I simply don’t get it)…loved your rant and the fact you are skinny or fat should not automatically bring the nasty comment right next to it. Society needs to stop thinking it is ok to put people down and hide behind the “it’s just an expression” crap…that was my short rant 🙂

    Great post as always!


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