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Where to start?! New adventures for a new year!

#newyear #blankpageYou know I’ve been away so long, I almost don’t know where to start. There’s so much busting to get out of me here that when I start writing, I can’t be sure I’ll be able to stop. Could be a long night!

OK, let’s just start with where we are.

So it’s February. Already! I know right … how did that happen so fast? We spent most of December and January on summer holiday, travelling around the country visiting family and friends, and camping at the beach. It’s been blissful. I will post more about our holidays separately. I took a LOT of photos so should (fingers crossed) have some decent photos to share too (in the meantime there are quite a few on Instagram).

The kids have all been back at school for at least a week now. Our eldest second year high school (quick to settle, happy and excited about his year), middle boys back to their primary school (same old) and youngest started a new school after our bullying challenges last year. Happy to report she’s a different child. Excited to go to school, happy and chatty at the end of the day, making new friends and settling in well. Phew. Hang on, that was understated … PHEW!!!!!

Tomorrow we have a student from Vietnam joining us for a few months. He’s older than our kids so will be interesting to see how he settles. It does mean I now have four schools on my daily run but I’m up for it. I love setting up the room for guests and wondering what they will be like and how we will all get on. It’s a little scary but a lot exciting. It’s so good for our kids (and we grown ups) to share our home and to learn about the wider world.

Something I’ve become really focused on is spending time diving into God’s word. Deeply. I can honestly say that I haven’t been so drawn to my bible in my adult life – and the more I study, the more I want to study. I’m being pulled into a closer relationship with my Lord daily which is so exciting and terrifying. Terrifying because I know he has plans for my life and I know I have to surrender to them. Whatever they are. I’m such a control freak and just learning to let go. It’s beautiful scary. Does that make sense?!

I spent last week getting the house up to speed after a lot of inattention. I’m not working out of the house this year (at this stage) so it’s wonderful to have the time to really get things in order … and to stay on top of things. I’ve already been signed up to work at Swimming Sports next week and to manage one hockey fundraiser so my days will not be empty. I love being able to get more involved with the kids’ school and extracurricular stuff, not just be the tired taxi driver. I’m also going to be contributing over at another blog but I’ll introduce them to you when I’ve officially been introduced over there 🙂

And the really good news, I now know why I have been walking through life fighting feeling like a tired, forgetful, cranky zombie! Last month I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Which came as a real shock, but since then quite a few ‘ah-ha’ moments. No medication required, I can fix this myself, by taking gluten out of my diet. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds but I’m off to a good start. I will definitely be writing more about this, it is kind of a big deal in terms of lifestyle adjustment and is taking a bit to get my brain around. But ultimately I’m looking at this as a positive thing.

So, there’s a quick catch up on Abbie. I have a notebook I’ve been carrying around full of notes for blog posts so there will be much more babble. And now the kids are settled back at school hopefully I can make it back here a few times a week.



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