Why I can’t blog when all I want to do is blog

Do you ever want to do something so much, that it's almost impossible to start? That new book on your bedside table that you can't start reading until you're in JUST the right headspace... The tidy up of your top drawer because you don't feel strong enough to make the big 'keep/sell or giveaway/bin' decisions… Continue reading Why I can’t blog when all I want to do is blog

Lyrics Verses Quotes Books


I found these words in the book I started reading last night. This is why I read. To open my imagination, thus meeting new people and places, and experiencing new things. After my disappointment with The Fault in Our Stars, I was overjoyed to dive into a new book and immediately meet characters I wanted… Continue reading THE JOY OF READING

Lyrics Verses Quotes Books


Ok, so I'm not really a book reviewer. Actually I'm not a book reviewer at all. A reader to be sure, I get through 3-4¬†novels a month - it would be more, I just don't have as much time to read as I would like! That said, last night I finished The Fault in Our… Continue reading THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

At Our House


Book Week is finally here. Today we had the end of week parade celebration. The atmosphere at school was just amazing - I'm so glad I was able to start work an hour late to be there.Our family took along Captain American (who truly worked the crowd!), The BFG and Cat in the Hat. The… Continue reading BOOK WEEK PHOTOS

Lyrics Verses Quotes Books, Writing prompt


Daily prompt: Off the shelf Really? You're only giving me enough time to re-read one book? That is just mean. If you can find time for me to re-read one book, you have magic powers, I want more (time that is!). Ok, I jest. I did take a look at my bookshelf before writing this… Continue reading SO MANY BOOKS SO LITTLE TIME

Lyrics Verses Quotes Books


This week I took a lovely stroll down memory lane through¬†one of my first favourite books. It got me to thinking about the books I love, and why. When I say 'favourite', I'm not just talking fond memories of picture books, or The Babysitters Club type books that I just 'HAD' to collect each time… Continue reading THE BOOKS I LOVED