Making Memories

Making memories

Yesterday someone pointed something out to me. Something really important. Something that I thought was a slightly funny but inconsequential moment, was actually potentially significant. Bear with me... Yesterday on the school run I had fractious kids - I blame Monday! I was pre-coffee and not really up for the noise levels that six kids, mostly boys, can produce (I also pick… Continue reading Making memories

At Our House, Blended Family

Making Memories

While super-glue is one potential way to bond a family together, as parents, we firmly believe it's our job to come up with ways to create a lasting bond between our brood. This is especially important in a blended family context. As our family grows and they eventually leave home, we want the kids to want to come back… Continue reading Making Memories

Lyrics Verses Quotes Books


This week I took a lovely stroll down memory lane through one of my first favourite books. It got me to thinking about the books I love, and why. When I say 'favourite', I'm not just talking fond memories of picture books, or The Babysitters Club type books that I just 'HAD' to collect each time… Continue reading THE BOOKS I LOVED