Reintroduction: Living Fearlessly

Living fearlessly is, for me, living happily. It’s about playing life to my own tune.

It’s about doing what is right and good for myself and my family.

It’s about doing things that challenge me.

It’s about living in the moment.

It’s about making choices that bring true joy.

It’s about being true to myself in what I think, say and do.

AND, it’s about achieving all of that without accepting resentment, obligation, and pressure from others. Not caring what other people think about the choices I make. And lots of saying no – without feeling guilty.

You could say that sounds harsh, yes. But you know what, if we don’t make the choices for ourselves (and as a mama, our family) to be happy,  I can pretty much guarantee that nobody else is going to make those choices for us.

So I’m stepping out and making choices for myself and my family that are right for us.

There will always be things we ‘have’ to do, places we ‘have’ to go. I’m totally about accepting responsibilities. But living fearlessly is not letting obligation make decisions that don’t bring us joy or meet up with the priorities we’ve set for our family.

For me, living fearlessly is being free.

More to follow on the specifics of this in my life – I’ve even created a new tag…


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