Writing prompt

I object!

To object: to offer a reason or argument in opposition.

I deal with objection a lot in the form of my feisty nine year old who ‘objects’ to at least half of what I say on a daily basis.

I’m learning to see that this isn’t [always] a bad thing. As with many of my daughter’s seemingly toilsome traits.

“She’s a firecracker” we tell people. I always make sure to place a positive spin on the challenges she offers us as her parents though.

She’s optimistic not unrealistic. Imaginative not a day dreamer. Spontaneous rather than impulsive or undisciplined. Her non stop chatter; that’s a great communicator right there. And instead of staying she’s stubborn and disorganised, I’ll tell you she’s a determined wee things who’d rather focus on people than things.

I love all of her, regardless. Even in my frustration.

And some day, I don’t doubt for a second, all of her personality traits will develop into an amazing young lady, a leader. Quite possibly a lawyer so all those objections can be focused on someone other than her mama!


This post was written in response to The Daily Post writing prompt: “Object”




6 thoughts on “I object!”

  1. She sounds an awful lot like me when I was a kid. I think I turned out alright (just don’t ask anyone else). 🙂 She’ll do great and this is just preparing her for her future successful, amazing self.


    1. I was so NOT like that as a child. I was very compliant. This is new ground! I don’t doubt her amazing future though. I think she’s amazing ☺


      1. It’s strange. Normally it’s said that we’ll have kids just like us. But, my son is very different than how I was too. Maybe that saying isn’t so accurate after all.

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