Writing prompt

No longer longing

I no longer wistfully long for the life I once wanted, the life I dreamed I might grow into.

I have it.

I’m living my childhood dream. I’m a mama to children who are happy, healthy and fully engaged in everything life throws at them. I’m married to my very own ‘tall dark and handsome’, who also happens to be caring, loyal, loving, my best friend and more beyond that.  My wonderful husband supports me to stay at home and take charge of raising our family.  I have friends. I’ve seen a little of the world outside my own country. I have more in my life than I need. More in fact, than many on this great earth.

I am blessed.

I am grateful.

I am happy.

I don’t need to long. Because I have.

This post was written in response to The Daily Post writing prompt: “Longing”


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