Writing prompt

Mathematically challenged

To divide is the opposite of to multiply. Yep, got that. But divide is so much more than that…

Divide is that black mark on my childhood bedroom wall where my math text book was slammed from across the room at my desk. Frustrated much? Yeah. Statistics not my strength.

Divide is watching my children be so themselves, and so completely different. One who sails through, achieving top possible math scores. One who struggles to meet standards years below their age … and being completely frustrated at their inability to conquer this part of their life.

Divide is the dollars I have to manage across so many piles every month to make our house run. It never goes away.

Divide is the number of miles between my love and I as he serves his country across the sea right now.

Divide is not my favourite word!

This post was written in response to The Daily Post writing prompt: “Divide”


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