Why I can’t blog when all I want to do is blog

Do you ever want to do something so much, that it’s almost impossible to start?

Winter reading
This is bliss right? Or maybe not! Sometimes I just can’t settle into the thing I really want to do. *Sigh*

That new book on your bedside table that you can’t start reading until you’re in JUST the right headspace…

The tidy up of your top drawer because you don’t feel strong enough to make the big ‘keep/sell or giveaway/bin’ decisions you know will be required…

Or writing blog posts because you never seem to have QUITE enough head space and there’s SO much you want to get out…

All three have been true for me over the last few months. Although I did finally finish a book that had been taunting me since I bought it a year ago! The writing, or lack of, has bugged me most. My brain is working overtime, desperately trying to process all the thoughts locked in without release.

I miss writing. OOOOhhhhh I miss writing. I haven’t even been journalling. Time is an issue. Busy busy busy, ah-ha status normal. That doesn’t help me be creative at all. But mostly, I think it’s my need for things to be perfect – if I can’t pull out the perfect post, I don’t seem to be able to get going on any writing at all. Hmmmmm, yes I really need to work on that, I do know that perfection is not a healthy standard!!!

So I’m back. Yep, here I am. With thoughts, ideas and plans a plenty. Watch this space…


7 thoughts on “Why I can’t blog when all I want to do is blog”

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect post. Give us the imperfect post–it very likely will be better than you think. I’ll check tomorrow to see what you’ve come up with. I’m sure it will be fantastic.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m playing with layout at the moment. Could just be procrastination. But I’m getting closer to writing, I just know it!!!!


  2. Hi Abbie, believe me, I know the feeling you are describing. I’ve been so busy, that I’ve deleted most of the emails from the blogs I subscribe to. But luckily, today is a lazy Saturday, and the stresses of the week are in the past or future, but not right now. I took a quilting class from Angela Walters and her saying was “Better Done than Perfect”. She was referring to all the unfinished projects we quilters seem to accumulate, because we want the perfect quilt. It’s better done and in the hands of someone who will love it, than sitting waiting for perfection. Just so you know, this is the most I have written in months! You are inspiring and with summer, I hope to be back in the blogosphere! Best of luck to you, Abbie and I look forward to your posts! Yours is one of the few that I will at least skim before hitting the delete key, no matter how busy my day is! Hugs!


    1. Aw thank you, that is such a lovely post. Glad I’ve inspired you. Your comment makes me want to come back and write more too 🙂 I agree, a finished quilt is better than a perfect, not finished quilt. My mum passed away with many unfinished quilts (more to do with lack of time than anything) which I have to work my way through now … I really have no idea what I’m doing. lol. But I know some day I will tackle them, it seems to wrong that all the work she put into them stays stuck in a bag in a drawer. Happy writing (and quilting!)


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