At Our House, Celiac Journey

Grumpy celiac feeling better

The other day I drafted a post titled Grumpy Celiac. I’m glad I didn’t publish as it was pretty wretched! To be fair, I was miserable. But this week, while acknowledging that it’s not all roses, I’m back to being positive and in action mode.

Last week I was feeling like, well, like I did before I was diagnosed Celiac. I was so disheartened as I had been doing SO WELL … until that point it seems. I was, and still am, back to aching hands and feet, sore tummy that often sends me running to the bathroom, migraine and exhaustion. It has all got to making me grumpy.

I’m a real ‘if you’re going to do it, do it 100% and get it right‘ kind of a girl. With pretty much everything in life. So failing upsets me. Especially when I’ve been working so hard to get this all right. I’m most grumpy because I just don’t know what’s going on. I am so careful about what I eat, how I prepare my food and I am confident that (except for the contaminated GF Dominos pizza last month, gggrrrrrr) there hasn’t been any gluten sent into my poor body, to set off this storm.

But I’m obviously getting something wrong.

On the bright side (there is always a bright side!), I realise how far I had come, now that I seem to have gone back to the beginning again. Can’t believe how long I accepted feeling like this as ‘normal’ 🙂

This week I’m pushing forward, sticking to the right foods and even investigating going paleo. It makes sense to eat only fresh, whole foods. Hard to get that wrong.


I am holding back though. I’m a big fan of dairy food. I’d rather give up coffee and wine, than cheese and milk. So I’m reading up on the paleo way – I did buy a new cookbook and honestly, the recipes look amazing. Even if I don’t go all the way, and I don’t expect my family to (although I wish they would cut back on sugar and grains as I have), I can easily adopt a number of the paleo ways for myself.

Watch this space I guess, here’s to taking control of my health and my body once and for all!

If you blog about celiac or paleo can you please drop me a comment or ‘like’ this post so I can follow you. This is a journey to be sure.

Abbie x


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