At Our House

True story

It was one of those if you don’t laugh, you cry moments at 3 o’clock this morning.

I heard PollyCat jump in the window and as soon as she ran into my room, I knew she’d brought me something. That meow, and psycho kitty dancing meant a cockroach, a bird, or a mouse. Oh yay, why does this have to happen when Richard is out of town?!

It does get better.

I jump out of bed, grab a shoe and bravely tell myself I can deal with whatever my darling puss has brought me. Light on. Mouse. Ok, it’s just a little one, I can do this. Then Polly swipes it out into the lounge. Hmmmmm, I could just shut the door and go back to sleep. Then Polly swipes it again and I hear a thump. Oh bother, I know exactly what’s happened, that little mouse has been swept down the stairs, and dropped into the entranceway.

That’s where the dog is.

Image: Witzige Katzen-Bilder

Now in my house, Polly lives upstairs and Moe lives downstairs. Never the twain shall meet because the dog will quite probably eat the cat. Everyone knows the deal and thankfully, they stick to their own territory. But oh did Polly want to go and get her mouse. She cautiously ventured down three stairs, paused, looked at me, looked down the stairs where the mouse was, looked at me, looked at the mouse. I could almost hear her brain weighing up the risks.

“Your problem cat, you made this mess, I should be asleep, you deal with it” (yes, I was actually having a conversation with my cat in the middle of the night).

At this point I contemplated heading back to bed but a bigger part of me needed to know where the mouse had landed, and in what state. Besides, by this point, the dog was up and sniffing around. If he saw the cat or found the mouse, the whole house would be awake!

Shortly after, I had the dog deposited on a child’s bed, the cat on my bed and the poor mouse stunned but alive behind the blanket chest under the stairs. Well no animal would get it from there and I figured the first place it would run would be out the garage door. I needed to sleep so off I went to bed.

The mouse was gone this morning so all is well that ends well.

Except that I never did get back to sleep. I need another coffee…

Abbie x


4 thoughts on “True story”

      1. Oh gosh! Yeah. Kitty would be getting the cold shoulder… or closed window. Haha. But then again with Ninja’s lack of “catness” he doesn’t do useful things like catch the critters that invade the house either. He watched as a frog hopped thru the living room last summer. He just sat there as I was screaming for him to get it! Lol


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