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Not the last bullying post (Part One)

Background: For those of you who weren’t with me last year, we had quite the saga with our youngest child, Nat, being bullied at school. Long story short, she’s now at a different school. If you want to read the back story, you can read Bullying Sucks, and Bullying Still Sucks.

Here I was, all ready publish a post titled The Last Bullying Post. But sadly I can’t, as apparently I have some more work to do with some more bullies. Hence the title of this post! Ggggrrrrrr.

Firstly, let’s get up-to-date with Nat’s story.

Last year, a horrid final two terms at school, concluded early in a fairly emotional head to head with the school principal who flat out denied that there was any bullying in his school. Hah, whatever! Immediately after that meeting I was on the phone to every school I knew anything good about. This was challenging and a bit disheartening as it was the final weeks of the school year and all schools with prescribed zones (most) had closed their ballots.

I persevered and needless to say, God opened the right doors.

Nat now attends a lovely school which was one of the top two on my favourites list.

Best news yet: I have got my daughter back!

This school, and the particular classroom she’s in, is a perfect fit for Nat. I see such a difference in the dynamics between the children, and between the children and the teachers at this school. It’s very easygoing with young vibrant staff.

As a result, Nat is happy and sparky again, her behaviour at home has improved SO much, she’s eating and sleeping well again, looking forward to school each morning and best of all, making friends. Within four weeks she was already invited to play dates and birthday parties. It seems that where ever we go these days, there’s a new little person running over to us with a big ‘hi Nat’. The park, concerts, visiting random people, sport for her brothers. Yep, where ever we go! Thank you Jesus.

I am just so glad I followed my instincts.

So Nat is on the up. But it seems I’m not done with bullies for now. As this post has gotten pretty long, I thought I’d better make a Part Two which I’ll post tomorrow…

Abbie x


5 thoughts on “Not the last bullying post (Part One)”

  1. I am so glad that you’ve found a school where your daughter is making friends and enjoying herself! She is a doll and looks very happy to have gone to that party. 🙂


    1. Thanks. It has made a world of difference, not just to her, but to our home life too. Makes us realise how unhappy she actually was. Happy is much better 🙂


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