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Full moon madness (nothing spooky here!)

Yesterday my good friend text me to remind me there’s a full moon on Friday. That’s two days from now. She always gets in touch early in the week to warn me it’s coming up.

Why? Yeah fair question. Do I have some strange moonlight dance ritual I need to fulfil each month? Oh no. So no.

So why the heads up?

Full Moon
photo credit: Under-a-Full-Moon via photopin (license)

Because on a full moon two things happen in our house (same in my friend’s house).

My daughter struggles to hold onto her good behaviour. Seriously, she’s only eight but it’s like she is full of raging hormones. For a couple of days she will cry at the drop of a hat and her behaviour can be super challenging (keeping in mind this is not the easiest child to raise in ‘normal’ times).

To exacerbate this, neither her nor I sleep well when the moon is full. Ah ha, yep, you got it. That means while we’re dealing with her behaviour, we’re both exhausted.

Tonight, I confess, there were meltdowns. She just wound up and up and up and up and then we both exploded. Then I realised part of the reason is probably the lunar phase (ever wonder where the word lunacy came from?!), then I felt bad for not cutting her some slack, and she feels bad for making me feel bad and, oh it’s just messy.

Yeah, not one of our best nights. Sigh.

Anyone else out there deal with anything like this? Sleep issues, behaviour or mood changes around the full moon?

Abbie x


2 thoughts on “Full moon madness (nothing spooky here!)”

  1. I was just telling my kids that things can get a little strange in hospital geriatric wards on a full moon, and that there is more crime committed. I don’t think they really believed me. But it is a known fact, and although my kids don’t usually throw ‘hissy’ fits anymore, they used to… especially on full moon.


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