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Why I’m exercising regularly

I found a quote from the always radiant Kate Hudson in Mindfood magazine last year which sums up beautifully for me, why I’m back exercising.

Fitness is not about vanity

With my recent diagnosis of Celiac Disease I’ve been prompted to not take my body for granted. So three mornings a week I’m back to pounding the pavement (walking). Which I love. I head down the river path, the parks, or the streets. Sometimes just me, me and God, me and my headphones, me and the dog, or I head out with friends. Variety is good isn’t it?!

I’m totally in this to be physically and mentally strong. I’ve spent so long being sick that I’d started to accept an inferior quality of life. It’s past time for a mental shift, and now that there’s a way forward, and there’s hope for my constantly flagging energy levels (among other things), I’m keen to get the old me back. My gluten free diet seems to be on track, I’m sleeping well and a bit of good fast walking is for my energy levels, overall health, and my soul.

Oh and did I mention, in the crazy busy of life, it feels amazing to take an hour in daylight hours to do something that totally benefits me!

Abbie x


7 thoughts on “Why I’m exercising regularly”

  1. Awesome stuff Abbie….I’m looking forward to shaking off my cough, so I can get back to walking and hopefully running. Loving the new look of your blog


    1. I hope you can shake that cough off soon. I’ve never been a runner although I love the idea of it a lot. I walk really fast though (when I’m alone) so figure the heart rate is being raised and the endorphins are released which is pretty much the point for me 🙂

      Thanks for noticing the new look. I felt like something a little calmer to suit where my head is at these days.


    1. Thank you – it’s been a long while since I felt ‘good’ physically which I put down to all sorts of things. No more excuses, we have the way forward and I’m so looking forward to being back to optimal health … body, head, and heart!

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