Just playing in the background

It’s not really a writing day today so I’ve just been playing in the background of my blog.

I can not for the life of me get the Goodreads widget to work (I’m trying to show my currently reading  list). The WordPress help forums are super helpful though and no doubt they’ll have an answer for me soon – at which point I’ll probably slap myself and wonder how I could have missed something so simple! haha.

On a brighter note, I did tutü* with my social media icons – I found these gorgeous icons and felt the need to use them.




Thanks to Design Bolts, found on Soft Icons for the freebie. Love them!


I’m constantly making little tweaks here and there on Abbie’s Babble. What have you changed on your blog lately?



 * Given that the majority of my readers are not Kiwi’s there’s a good chance you’ll be wondering what the heck this word tutü is (which should really have a macron above the second ‘u’ but I can’t find one in special characters). No this is not tutu as in the ballet costume. This is a Mäori (macron above ‘a’) word, which means to fiddle. I guess for pronunciation think Spanish ‘toro’ for bull but end with ‘u’ not ‘o’.


2 thoughts on “Just playing in the background”

    1. Thanks!

      NZ is a great place. Not that I’m biased or anything 😉

      There are some Maori words that are part of our everyday language, we all learn basic Te Reo at schol but my understanding is that only about 10% of New Zealanders are fluent. There is a Government supported push to increase these numbers. As a student of Linguistics I’m all for this – language is culture, to lose a language is to lose the richness of a culture!


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