If you don’t laugh…

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It’s so important to be able to laugh at yourself. Sometimes.

I know I’m prone to taking myself too seriously so this is something I’m working on. Thought I’d share a few moments lately where if I didn’t laugh I’d probably cry … or just get really cranky at myself (and there’s no fun in that is there?!).

  •  Needing my husband to open the dishwasher powder because I can never get past the kiddy lock on those bottles. Sometimes I struggle with the mouthwash bottle too. Sigh.
  • Trying to apply the foot-brake in my Corolla every time I park – my Corolla has a handbrake, our other car uses foot-brake! I’m also good at trying to start the car with the wrong key.
  • Paying bills twice, in the same month. Too organised? Nah, too sleep deprived!
  • That moment when the phone rings in the evening and I hope so much that it might be my mum (that’s a mean one).
  • The kids play a game called ‘yellow car’. So every time we see a yellow vehicle it’s a race to see who can shout ‘yellow car’ first. I play it when I’m in the car by myself. It must look pretty stupid to see the single lady yelling. But I also sing along to the radio like I’m on Idol and can only imagine what that looks like. Hehe.
  • My ever-increasing ability to sleep anywhere is interesting. I can sit down for five minutes after tea and wake up an hour later. I’ve even been known to catch a few zzzzzzs in the school car park. I always set my phone alarm if I sit down to read at lunchtime – full tummy, comfy sofa, you can imagine how that goes, I’d probably sleep through school pick up…

Laugh, Abbie, laugh, it’s really not that bad!



3 thoughts on “If you don’t laugh…”

  1. I do that handbrake, foot brake thing all the time, or attempt to change the gears and end up turning on the windscreen wipers…the car with footbrake also has a column gear shift….very embarrassing when someone else is in the car.


    1. Haha. I’m always amazed at how surprised I am when I go for the foot brake and it’s not there. You think I would have figured it out after six months!!!

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