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A new page of Babble: Quotes

This morning I added a new page to abbie’sbabble. Quotes – see it up there ↑ in the menu bar? Well if not, you can get to it here.

This new page is a collection of the images I have created with words, lyrics, quotes, sayings that I find inspiring. I think words are incredibly powerful so I try to keep mine positive. As well as keep a steady flow of positivity in what I read and listen to.

These images/words have all appeared in abbie’sbabble before. It’s nice to have them all in one place to browse through though. I sure do go for those nature backgrounds don’t I?!

One of my many wonderful discoveries in this blogging journey has been that I do love playing with ‘design’ programs. I say ‘design’ like that as I use the most basic, free, online versions, and I am by no stretch of the imagination a designer. But I am a very visual person and creating the imagery for my blog is something I really enjoy. It’s not something I’d done before and it sure is nice learning a new skill, albeit at a basic level.

Hopefully there’s something there that speaks to you. If you’d like the link to a post for a specific image, drop me a line: abbiesbabble [at] gmail [dot] com





2 thoughts on “A new page of Babble: Quotes”

  1. Totally love this idea. Beautiful way of expressing yourself! And I just looked at your blog again and am in love with your design in general, your blog name, etc… way to be awesome 🙂


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