Scripted Sunday

Scripted Sunday: Youer than you

This is one of my all-time favourite quotes. I’ve done this today for my daughter who is having challenges at school with a bully. It’s hurting her self-esteem in a big way so we’re really trying to affirm at home that each one of our children is special, wonderful and amazing in their own way. And as the four kids are different, so are they different to every person they meet in the world. And this is ok.

Your than you

It’s always good for me to fall back to my handbook for life as well. The Bible. I love Psalm 139, especially the verse “I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful (v14)”. How cool is that?!. Each one of us is unique. Our amazing Creator, took time to make every single of us different. In His eyes we are all special. Cherished. Loved. And as our girl struggles with self-esteem, we’re trying to help her find the things that make her unique that she can stand firm on. And to remind her that no matter what, she is loved and cherished by God and by many people. It’s just unfortunate the attacks of one girl have done so much damage.



6 thoughts on “Scripted Sunday: Youer than you”

  1. I’ve just found that bullying is more serious than ever when I was informed my niece was being bullied and made a statement that she wanted to commit suicide. Suicide!!! She’s only 9 years old!!! Really!? at nine my biggest issue was having to be in the house before the street light came on…gee, times have really changed.

    Anyway, her mom and I talked and encouraged her to pray and trust in the Lord. Not only to pray for her situation but the people who were bullying her as well because we know that “hurt people” hurt people. Each time I see her now I point out how well she sings, how beautiful her eyes are and how big of a blessing she is to her family and anyone who is smart enough to be her friend.

    I always tell her to be who she is in Christ Jesus, she doesn’t need to try to fit in or follow. Not to be influenced by evil but overcome evil with good. We also informed her to always be open with her mom regarding her feelings each day, when needed speak with the school counselor and don’t be afraid to let someone know when she is being threatened in any way.

    I know that it will all work out for the good of your sweet beautiful daughter ( if that is her in the image 😉 who indeed is fearfully and wonderfully made.

    I mean really, how many little girls get a Dr. Seuss quote placed with there image and shown to everyone with encouraging words from there mom?…You gotta be special for that one 😉

    Be Blessed!



    1. Wow, that a 9 year old could be driven that far. That is so sad. And so wrong. You’re right, times have changed a LOT!
      Your niece is lucky to have people to talk to – I was so grateful my daughter knew she could talk to me safely. And being able to relay things back to our faith gives us an anchor … which is such a source of peace don’t you think?

      Yes that’s my girl in the image, she’s a true individual! I know God has a great plan for her life, he hasn’t given her so much character to not use her in great ways 🙂

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  2. Very sorry to hear about this bullying problem ): I am sure, with the love of family and the love of God, your daughter will become stronger.
    That is a wonderful quote from Dr. Suess, though! Very sweet.


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