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On the happiness trail … why I quit my job

Last Monday I let my employer know I would not be accepting their offer to extend my contract to the end of 2015.

Happy Jumping
I’m so happy!
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And it felt great!

Why would I give away a perfectly good job you may ask? A job that wasn’t unpleasant, that offered good hours allowing me to drop my kids to school and pick them up again at 3pm. Especially in these times when jobs can be hard to come by.

Because I am on a mission to find myself, and to create a truly happy life for myself and for my family. And because my mum told me to on my birthday.

Being out of the home five days a week, even if only while the kids were at school, has put too much pressure on me to be able to effectively run my home. I feel constantly stressed and tired, chasing my tail trying to get things done. This is not happy for me and definitely hasn’t allowed me to spend any time finding myself. My life is totally tied up in being ‘mum’. I am, as all mums are, more than just the mother to my children.

In August I wrote about needing to find myself, about feeling lost and not completely happy and needing to make changes but not knowing what they were. Well here’s one of the big changes, a big step in the direction of happy.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a whine. I know a lot of people have to work full-time out of home and full-time parent as well. I did that as a single parent myself. I’m simply working the life I have. If I sound ungrateful, I’m REALLY not. I’m just intentional about having the best possible version of my life (and that for my family as well).

I have an EXTREMELY supportive husband who recognizes all of this, he does see how hard I work and just for the record he’s awesome at helping out. I’m conscious though that his job is demanding and when he gets home I want him to be able to chill and spend time with the kids. And there are some things that a mum just has to do, that only a mum can see, and this particular mum has pretty high standards (self-confessed, I know it!) and sometimes I just have to do things to get them done right the way I like it 😉 Not to mention that it’s almost impossible to eek out a spare hour for myself, which I have learnt this year, is not a bad thing to want.

And the core of the issue is (pretty sure I’ve said this before), if the mama bear is happy, the family are happy. I have realised this year, as I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, how much I influence the atmosphere of the home. That’s some scary power right there!

Happy Girls!
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So, as a husband and wife team, we have decided to take a financial hit, to receive a lot more time in our bank. I am going to study part-time (Graduate Diploma in Management Information Systems, I know, GEEK! I am SO excited) and have a lot more time to focus on my husband, my children, my home and myself.

I know we are fortunate that we can make ends meet on my husband’s salary (it will be tight) and that he is willing to go on this journey with me. I do feel a little self-indulgent taking on study ‘because I want to’ but mostly I think that’s because I’m worried about what other people will think – and I know I need to get over that.

Besides mostly I’m excited. I love to study, I love that I’m going to be able to go on all the school trips, and for me, being able to calmly keep an organised-tidy home, is something I enjoy. It’s hard to explain, but if I have the time, it’s not a chore/stress, it’s a part of my role as wife/mother that I love and take great pride in.

NOW is the time to be happy, I’m not putting it off any longer.

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11 thoughts on “On the happiness trail … why I quit my job”

  1. I love your courage and enthusiasm, I’m sure your family will soon be able to see the positive changes like spending more time together. Let us know how it all goes :))


  2. Great post Abbie! I am retiring out of the military and looking to go to college and decompress from this stressful life. I applaud you for taking the leap of faith and doing what your heart desires!


    1. Thanks Antonio! My husband will be retiring from three decades in the military in the not too distant future. It’s definitely something we talk about a lot – that’s a big lifestyle change right there! I look forward to following your journey and seeing how that goes. Best wishes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, thirty years! Phenominal. I will be at 23 years when it is all said and done for me. That’s great. Thanks and I will be following your journey also. Good luck and you all are going to do great!


  3. I LOVE this Abbie. It is such a hard decision to do what you feel is best, despite wondering what other people will think. But in the end, you are doing what you feel is best for you and your family and that is completely wonderful. I have to agree with you on relishing your role as a wife and mother. I too love the feeling of simply taking care of my family and my house. It brings such a deep satisfaction to feel like I am taking care of my family’s needs. Also good luck with your study! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


    1. Thanks Marla. I’m glad you can relate to loving the mama role. It’s hard to articulate sometimes. I know I will enjoy studying, it’s something I love to do 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Abbie this has hit a chord with me today, so thank you. Best of luck with your studies and thank you for such an inspirational post 🙂


    1. You are more than welcome. I always love to come across a post that resonates with me so it’s lovely to think I can do the same for someone else with my posts from time to time 🙂


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