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This weekend Nat and I had an action packed weekend as we headed down to the city (Wellington for those of you who know NZ) to see a show. The show was The Sound of Music – I was super excited to introduce Nat to the story and the songs. I was about the same age as she is now when my Nan introduced me to the film, an enduring favourite.

Well, my little lady absolutely LOVED it. I’ve taken Nat to a range of live performances including ballet, ice shows, gala performance, outdoor concerts and heck, we’re blessed we can hear awesome live music every week at church, but this was her first musical theater. I have absolutely no doubt there will be more!

Once or twice a year I make a point of getting away with Nat for some one-on-one mother-daughter time. For the first five years of her life, it was the two of us against the world. We both enjoy these weekends, but since we blended with the boys, we actually really need them too. It’s been a big change.

We’re girly girls at heart and while we both love tramping and the outdoors, and do spend  ton of time with the boys’ at their sports, these times are where we do exactly what we want to do. We managed some crazy road trip singing, a bit of shopping, cafe outings and an enormous buffet breakfast, and treating ourselves to magazines and some down-time in our hotel room.

Nat’s major love language is quality time. I can manage this by devoting a decent chunk of time to her each evening as she goes to bed. Time to read, talk, pray, sing and just be the two of us. She craves that and boy do we hear about it if it doesn’t happen! I’m a quality time kind of girl too so I do understand.

These extended period of weekends, or days if we take them, really re-charge her – and what’s not to love about spending time with my mini-me?! Our relationship comes our stronger and I do hope these will be memories she’ll always treasure. I know I will.

It was bliss. For both of us.We’re already looking forward to the next trip … whenever, or where ever that will be.

What is your love language, or your child’s? Is your language compatible with your child’s? How do you manage that?

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20 thoughts on “Me and my girl”

  1. I think I need to finish the book an really focus on the different love languages (I love it by the way) to be able to tell. I am torn in between two at the moment… I will let you know one day 🙂
    Good on you for spending time with your girl. My princess and I usually head out once a week to either get our nails done (yep…) or get a frozen yogurt…
    The Sound of Music plays not far from where I grew up (but on the other side of the mountain, the Austrian side)…


    1. I think we all lean toward more than one love language, perhaps more strongly that one than the other. My second is words of affirmation. Getting nails done sounds fab, maybe something I could think about over the summer when there’s no school rules (no nail polish) to worry about. Nat would LOVE that!!! What a great idea.


  2. this is sooo precious! Your daughter will indeed treasure these moments with you. Great photos, this post made me warm and fuzzy inside, smile outside. God bless your family. 🙂


    1. Oh you absolutely may, that would be fabulous … and I have seriously thought about it. Shall I come alone, bring Nat or bring Richard. That is the question!!!! Lol (<<<that's only a semi joking laugh, it's a semi serious question!) x


    1. It is definitely one of my top five films ever. The trip was a lot of fun – introducing Nat to musicals was great, especially seeing her eyes lit up and seeing that she loves it as much as I do 🙂


  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I need to do more of this – spend quality time with each of my children. It’s hard finding the time for all 3 individually and separating them (they’re all close in age and into similar things). You have inspired me though! 🙂


    1. Yay, glad to have inspired! I don’t tend to get as much 1:1 time with the boys, aside from driving them places (which is actually quality time I think as all you can do is chat!). That’s more for their dad anyway, especially now they’re old enough to hunt with him. Sometimes though it’s just singling one out when we go for a walk or something. It has hard to carve time out but Natty really needs, and responds so well to it – her behaviour improves immensely anytime we’ve had some quality girl time!

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  4. She is like a small copy of you 🙂 I remember so well the first time I went to the ballet… and after. I guess for a kid is one of the brightest memories, with all the preparation, and expectations, and the fancy theater.. and ice cream in the break!


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