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Always dream, and dream new dreams

Dream. ALWAYS dream.

Life is unpredictable. We can’t control a lot of what’s happening outside, but most of us can control what’s happening inside. Always have dreams to keep you going and at some point, make sure you start working towards them. My dreams have changed over the years but when I look properly, I can see I’m now living what was my dream just a few years ago (one of them anyway).

Dreams are our minds way of telling us what we really want. Don’t ignore your imagination – when you really let it go, I think it will show you the desires of your heart. Work on those dreams … the big ones are probably those that will make us happiest.

What do you dream of? I will share mine in a future post…

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4 thoughts on “Always dream, and dream new dreams”

  1. First, kudos to the C.S. Lewis quote. Lewis has been one of my inspirations since I was a child and I have appreciated his work even more as an adult. Second, my dream is to be a writer. That dream is starting in baby steps with my little blog and I hope to sculpt it into something more over the months and years to come. I have not always been confident that this is something I should actively pursue, but I’m going for it anyway!


    1. I do love what I know of Lewis, I intend to read more. Eventually. So many books so little time! Haha. My ideal job would be a freelance copy writer / editor / social media coordinator. I know I CAN do it just don’t have the confidence to go about it so I can relate. Go for it!


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