Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday (Sept 11)

Thankful ThursdayI am super grateful that we have a faith-based radio station in New Zealand. Every morning in the car the kids and I listen to the hilarious hosts on the breakfast show of Lifefm. Funny as they are, everything is delivered under the umbrella of being inspiring and encouraging youth with faith on their journey. (I say ‘youth’ as I’m pretty sure the target demographic is on the younger end of the scale – but I love it all and we’re only as old as we feel right?!).

We love all the music, which varies in style and content, but doesn’t have any of the lyrics often found in the mainstream that I find completely inappropriate. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t listen to hymns, and I’m not opposed to mainstream music at all, I just find a lot of it overly sexual and grownup, especially for our two littlest people. It’s fabulous to turn on the radio and know we will be uplifted and entertained in a way that suits the entire family.

Lifefm’s community funds 75% of the costs – yes, that’s right, donations. This makes us pretty passionate about our radio station! It also means we’re not blasted by advertisements after every second song (love that!).

Lifefm is something that impacts my life every single day. It’s always on in the car, or you might find me listening to one of their forum podcasts. We have it on at home in the weekends. I enjoy the Word it delivers and love the music. Starting the day with a laugh is always good too. Not to mention some of the conversations the content has triggered with the kids and I as we travel to/from school.

I can’t rate it highly enough. So that’s my super-very-love-it-long-time Thankful Thursday for this week 🙂

Check out their website as they live stream and have a ton of podcasts.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday (Sept 11)”

  1. This content should replace the… stuff that airs in America. Glad you have this! There are Christian stations here in Las Vegas too.


    1. We have a lot of music from America here – both mainstream and Christian. I know the … stuff you are talking about and agree!


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