Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday
image background: caruba via photopin cc

I am grateful that…

…Spring is here! The sun is shinning (like it’s okay to wear a t-shirt kind of warm), there are lambs, daffodils and blossoms everywhere. Love it.

…There are amazing young women who lead my daughter’s Brownies every week. Natalie comes out of there absolutely buzzing every time. I get a kick out of hearing the girls sing Taps at the end of each session – brings back memories.

…I have a dog. Is it weird to be grateful for that? He is just the sweetest little thing and our kids adore him as much as I do. He always has a super excited greeting so I never feel like I’m walking into an empty house and he’s always up for cuddles.  Every time I sit cross-legged on the floor he launches himself into my lap. Yep, feeling the love! Out walking last night, watching him run about happily exploring the world, he was so content, life in that moment seemed so simple.

Me and my Moses
Me and my Moses on a walk a few weekends ago




5 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY (September 4)”

    1. When we got him, his name was Sam but given that we have a human child called Sam we thought we’d better change the dog’s name. It’s amazing how much it suits him 🙂


  1. Hi Abbie, just wanted to thank you for the follow – much appreciated! You must be in the southern hemisphere – I’m in the UK, so September is the start of autumn for us. We’re currently enjoying the fruits of the harvest – the garden is full of apples, pears and brambles, which is what your lovely blossom will have become in six months time.


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