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Yesterday was the first official day of spring. 1 September. Yippee!

Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons. Lambs, daffodils and blossoms.

And hope. I always think Spring has a real sense of hope, more so than any other season.

What’s not to love?!

On Sunday we hit the great outdoors and went for a good walk – 10km, at least the first third of that straight uphill. It was amazing. I was super proud of Nat (7) and Sam (8) who carried it off like pro’s. Okay well I might have used a few lollies to bribe them up the really steep parts, but seriously, they did awesome! And the views were more than worth it.

Can’t wait for summer and a lot more days like this…



2 thoughts on “SPRING HAS SPRUNG (YAY!)”

  1. It’s beautiful there. Hard to believe that you’re starting spring, while we’re about to start autumn. It’s neat that while some are in coats, others are in swim suits. I’d rather skip winter though.


    1. I’m such a summer girl but do love the hope of spring, and there’s something nice about snuggling up in coats and boots when autumn comes. Yep, will happily give winter a miss though, in favour of any of the other seasons!


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