Thankful Thursday


Thankful ThursdayI am thankful for a hockey trip up to Hawke’s Bay on Sunday – my home. I haven’t been up there since March, it’s been hard to face. Hockey kind of forced the issue. It was hard but I’ve done it now. Phew.

Lambs and daffodils – spring is nearly here. Oh my goodness, how cute are lambs bouncing their way around the paddocks and don’t get me started on those little tails wagging as they feed. Guaranteed to bring a smile to my face 🙂

My children being healthy. As I watch another family prepare to say goodbye to their daughter, only a toddler, I hug my children more tightly and thank God for every day I have with them and we have together as a family.

Books. I love books. And book week at school. Tomorrow is the dress up parade. Can’t wait!!!!

Teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students. Even if it means dropping them home at 8.30pm with a massive bruise on their face (hockey injury)!

My husband. He’s awesome. I should probably just permanently put this one on every Thankful Thursday post as it’s always true ♥



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