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Let’s just get this said up front. I’m not writing this for brownie points. I mean everything I say (write).

I have one very truly amazing husband.

There are a lot of blog posts, and comments in general, about husbands who don’t do enough around the house, husbands who don’t spend enough time with kids and just downright negative blah blah blah.

I’d like to break that trend.

Richard and MoeI met an amazing man in Richard. His other-mother-in-law told me once he is a man of amazing patience and loyalty. Oh yes. And he probably needs all of that to put up with me!

We’ve been married just over 18 months. It’s been a pretty full on introduction to life together. I can be fiery and stuck in my ways at the best of times. After many single, marriage was (is) a big adjustment. Not only that, in the short time we’ve been married I’ve melted down to the point of sitting in my washing basket crying over the number of shirts to wash – it wasn’t really about the shirts obviously. I traveled away once a week for the first year to visit my parents with Richard’s full support. I’ve lost my mum to cancer, I’ve pushed him away in my dark days, heck I’ve pushed the world away on my dark days. I’ve ranted and raved about how we he does things wrong, dumb stuff like folding towels, to deflect from the fact I’ve been so lost myself.

And you know what. He takes it. And he loves me through it. Supporting me through the loss of my mum, which is without doubt the biggest hill I’ve ever had to climb, him not skipping a beat. Cheerfully negotiating his work hours and taking on the kids and home duties when I needed to be away. Supporting me in going back to part-time work so I don’t feel like I’m losing my mind. I know I’m changing a lot at the moment and I often tell Richard, I am truly my best self when I’m with him – more so these days than before, it’s a process when you’ve turned your life upside-down that’s for sure. I want to be that best self for all of every day for him (and for myself of course!).

He’s an amazing dad, taking every opportunity to plug into our kids lives, even if that means driving them to school with only four hours sleep after night shift, knowing he wont see them until the next morning. He works to pull our family together and especially accepting my daughter even though she’s probably one of the biggest hills he will ever climb!

We are intentional about our marriage. God maneuvered our 4+2 together to make an amazing six. We don’t take that for granted. I love and appreciate my husband, he really is wonderful. I know I’m a super blessed wife. Neither of us is perfect but we each embrace the other’s beautiful imperfections and learn to work our way around them as we grow closer (every day closer!). And it needs to be said.

Here’s to all the amazing husbands and partners out there – let’s remember not to verbally bash and belittle them, even in jest, but be grateful for all the wonderful they bring to our lives 🙂


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