Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday


The town library – my favourite quiet place.

The ‘thankful’ posts that are going around Facebook. I make a point of doing this every day in my journal and know what a difference it makes to me. I love, that even if only for a few days, people are walking around actively looking for the good in their lives.

Christmas shopping. I know I’m far too organised, doing it this so soon but we also have two children with a birthday either side of Christmas so I need to spread things out. I just LOVE buying gifts for others – it is a joy for me thinking about people and what would make them happy.

The opportunity to open our home to a Japanese student for two weeks. We’ve done this as a new experience for our family. The children are fascinated by Satoshi, asking him lots of questions, learning words of Japanese and teaching him words for lots of things in English. They are being so patient and concerned about his well-being. It is beautiful to watch.

A busy weekend coming up with visits from special family members. A full house which I love. So excited!


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