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The other night while Nat was having one of her meltdowns (for lack of a better word) I REALLY felt the need to reassure her of my love. I KNOW she knows how much I love her, I’m pretty sure I say and show it daily in different ways. But sometimes I feel like she’s testing me, possibly even unaware she’s doing it, and I know she needs to know, as do all of my kidlets…

I love you to the end of eternity and back. My love for you is bigger than anything you ever say or do to me. Or anyone. Or anything. I will always be your safe place. No matter what, my love for you will never stop, will never shrink, it will only continue to grow.

How do you explain that to a child? Especially a child who is grieving and asks what will happen to her if something happens to me and the other significant adults in her life (this is on the back of my mum passing away earlier this year)? Sometimes I wonder if her meltdowns (THAT word again) are her pushing me away because she’s terrified at the moment.

It’s a big world for a little person.  Heck, it’s a big world for a big person.

I hope all four of our kids know I offer those words so truly with every part of my heart.

I love you to the end of eternity and back


4 thoughts on “FOR MY CHILDREN”

  1. Hi Abbie, I’m a regular reader of your blog. Just love your honesty and openness about your parenting and life in general. Your children are so blessed to have you as their mother, who loves them. I love the way we can reflect our faith in Christ into our children’s lives through unconditional love, even when it is sometimes hard to love them (momentarily).


    1. Thank you so much. You have seriously just made this bloggers day. I set out here to be myself and to be real. You couldn’t have paid me a higher compliment than to notice honesty in my voice. Thank you x


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