Thankful Thursday


So it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve sat at the computer and written a post. Oh how I have missed it. This little blog that started as ‘oh I’ll give it a go and see what happens’ has opened up my mind – I want to write daily, I NEED to write daily now.

I have been away from internet access for the last week (gasp!) while on holiday at the boys’ grandparents’ farm. It was a great time away. I’m loving school holidays, more so now that I’m working – I only work school hours so holidays are a break for me from the work routines and time pressures, plus precious extra time with kids.

This holiday break brought a lot of time and visiting with different parts of our extended family, catch ups for our kids with friends and cousins, and while quite busy, a busy that was relaxing and recreational. Nobody was stressed about the return to Term Three today.

A milestone for me, I did schedule a post for while we were away which I also linked on my Facebook page. So now the people in my real world know about my blog. That was nerve-wracking but I’m glad I’ve done it. I don’t know if anyone is following now, it doesn’t matter, but I felt like this blog, which has so quickly become a part of me was something I couldn’t talk about in the real world. Now it’s all in the open. I shall continue as I have been, I am here to be me, I’m not asking anyone to read who doesn’t want to.

While away I had a lot of time to think and have a journal full of notes so for those of you who do have me popping up in your feed reader, there could be a couple a day over the next few weeks while I get it all out!

In the meantime, the attached image is straight from my journal (in the absence of a computer while away). I spent a lot of time pondering this and no doubt there will be more to follow. Count this is my Thankful Thursday for last week. Family is...


8 thoughts on “MISSING”

  1. I totally understand how you were feeling about the disconnect between your blog and Facebook. For the most part I keep them separate; there are times when I will provide link to a post when it’s relevant. I know a few friends follow me. I know others appreciate the deliberate disconnect.
    I like your journal, btw. Very committed!


    1. Yes that particular post I wanted to share as there was a lot to say and FB wasn’t the right forum. I think I will mostly keep them separate too, maybe the occasional link into the ‘real world’ people. I love the process of journaling, I also love stationery, it works for me!


  2. I am hearing ya, especially the part about the people in your “real world” vs your “blog world. I was so scared when I first linked up to it. I was more comfortable with strangers reading it than the people I love the most Go figure, huh!


    1. I’m an introvert – the internet is like my perfect playground: All the interaction with no time face to face … so yeah, more comfortable with strangers on my blog for sure!

      Honestly though, from your blog, you don’t seem like you’re scared of anything (anymore) 🙂


  3. Hi Abbie, I feel exactly the same about revealing my blog to people in my real world even though in the very short time that I have been writing it has become such an important part of me. You have encouraged me to be a bit bolder. Maybe i’ll start with my work colleagues….


    1. Oh I’m glad I’ve encouraged you! Thank you for sharing that. I sent my blog link to a few close people earlier on which was easy. The mass sharing, terrifying, but quite good to do it all in one hit. Now I know everyone has access to it and up to them if they want to read or not. The blog community is so supportive anyways 🙂


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