Thankful Thursday


This week I am super thankful for school holidays and all that they bring.

This is week one of a two-week holiday after the autumn semester. I am so blessed to have a job in a school – during term time I can pick the kids up from school which is great, and it also means I get to be home on the school holidays.

Today I will be thankfulWe’ve stayed home this week, all catching our breath and resting up after what has been a full on term both physically and (for me) emotionally too. We have had welcome visits from family, some I’ve not yet met as they live a two-day drive away (pretty unusual distances in little NZ!). My dad has been here a few times as he picked up, and dropped off Nat, who had a few days of quality time with her PopPop. Kids have been out and about at ‘play dates’ and we’ve had extra kids here too. We’ve had a couple of sleep ins and I even managed to fit in a nap this afternoon –  did I mention that I LOVE naps?!

Double bonus is that my husband is on night shift this week which means he doesn’t go to work until 3pm – we miss him a lot when he’s on nights during term time but this week we’ve had him here all day. As a couple enjoying leisurely coffees just chatting during the day alone has been a huge bonus. Loving it and grateful for every second!

Tomorrow we are off on a road trip up to the boys’ grandparents farm where we all love to go. We have the best house sitter who looks after our pets which is awesome. Once up there, there will be a meeting of cousins from around the country (13 kids all aged under 14!). So all in all, we’re looking forward to some time on the farm which will be screen, tv and technology free. The kids all entertain each other, so the grown ups all get a chance to catch up as well.

Ah yes, I am VERY grateful for school holidays.


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