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Daily prompt: Strike a Chord

Do I play an instrument? No. Well actually yes. I remember my high school music teacher telling us that ‘voice’ is most definitely an instrument. So yes, yes I do play an instrument. I sing. All the time. Loudly. Passionately. Badly.

NO! Hang on, I should be on Idol – I’m A-M-A-Z-I-N-G – when I’m in the car by myself!!!

All right, quite honestly, I know a lot of truly amazing singers. I adore live music and could sit and listen to a good voice for hours. I don’t think I’m tone-deaf, I was in the auditioned choirs at school, but I don’t have any illusions about the limitations of my instrument.

That said, when I’m at home, or in the car, or during the worship at church, you won’t keep me quiet. I love to sing – it releases something deep from within. And I shall continue to serenade … myself. Don’t worry Idol, I won’t be one of the out-takes in the audition episodes of the next series!

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.



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