Thankful Thursday


TickI am thankful that my daughter’s blood results show she does not have Celiac Disease. Still doesn’t resolve the sore tummy she often has but Dr assures us it’s nothing sinister.

TickSo grateful to have a job that only requires me to work term-time – two more days until I’m on holiday for two weeks with the kids. So many fun things to do. Yeehaa!

Very very VERY thankful that Tom has finished his science fair Tickproject which is due first week of next term. That boy had a super idea (I’ll post photos later if he’s ok with that) and has let us guide him through the process of planning and researching when  all he was itching to do was get into building and testing. He’s done all the work himself, and really well I will add, with a little building assistance from Dad. Our aim was to not spend the holidays doing a last minute scramble and he’s worked hard to achieve that.

TickThankful that my true friends know they can turn to me when they need an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on or a safe place to fall. I genuinely am that person.


5 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY (July 2)”

  1. I have coeliac disease and it’s a nightmare – it’s caused all sorts of other illness thanks to the doctor not being able to diagnose it for 10 years (I know right!) I really hope my children are only carriers of the disease! But then you never know!
    Needless to say glad your little ‘un doesn’t have it, and hope the doctor finds out what it is!


    1. Yep I have a close friend who has it as do both her children so I fully understand the nightmare it can be, especially in the early days. Ten years, really? Wow, you have been on a journey!


      1. Aw bless! Yeah throughout my teen years – silly doctors! It was always diagnosed as “growing pains” or IBS…


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