I heart my blogFive weeks ago I pressed ‘publish’ on my first post. I spent about a month prior agonizing over what to write and how my blog looked (I’ve already changed it once). This came after a couple of years of wanting to blog, not sure if I should, or could, how I would if I did, or even if I had anything to say.

I am so glad I decided to go with this.

Here’s a few things I know now about the world of blog, that I didn’t know two months ago…

  • I LOVE to blog – it’s therapeutic. I used to journal but in the busyness of motherhood, lost the time. This is just as good.
  • Blogging is liberating for me. I’m not afraid to be real, and honest. Even if it’s deeply personal. Which is good, because that it why I established this little place for myself. Also quite opposite to my introverted self in real life.
  • Blogging is addictive. I’ve started carrying a notebook to write down ideas. I think in terms of blog posts while I’m driving now. I don’t play games on my iPad in the evenings home alone anymore, I write, edit and post!
  • I researched blogging before I started (geek!). Despite what I read about keeping content neutral, there are people out there who want to read personal stories. There are also complete strangers out there who will read and care enough to make contact. It’s pretty cool.
  • There are a lot of posts about how to have the ‘perfect’ blog. My blog is my place. I will do what I want. I don’t actually care if I’m the only person who reads this. The process both creatively and emotionally is awesome and I’m good with that.
  • Blogging is inspiring – I look forward to reading some blogs regularly and feel them influencing many areas of my life in positive ways – I’m gaining mentors.

I’m so glad and so grateful I have entered the world that is blogging.




  1. I started blogging in March. I totally agree with everything you have on your list.

    My son has been blogging for several years and has been trying for some time to get me to start one. He thought I would love it, and he was oh so right!


    1. It’s an interesting world isn’t it? I think I most love that in this stage of my life I’m a big tangled ball of emotion and blogging forces me to put pun to paper … which is really helping untangle the ball. Slowly. What do you most love about blogging?


      1. I’ve written at other times in my life but it has been a long time. I love discovering that I can still write and that I can write in new ways. Blogging 101 and Writing 101 has taken me into totally new modalities and opened up a form of creativity in me that has long been stifled.


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