Thankful Thursday


There are a ton of academic studies showing how being grateful can help us be better in body and mind. I’m a bit of a geek, I’ve read a few of those academic papers because it interests me. And because I’m pretty sure it’s true.

But you know what? We can read until the cows come home, however until we start doing some of the things we are reading about, what’s the point? Reading isn’t going to change us. Actions are. Which is why I was compelled to post this quote I stumbled upon today.

So I’m going to get intentional about gratitude and I’m putting it out there in the blogosphere to keep me accountable.

Thankful ThursdayEvery week I’m going to post Thankful Thursday. I’m going to list a few things I’m especially thankful for. Maybe just three words in a graphic, maybe more, maybe in more depth. It’s not that I think I only have three things a week to be thankful for. But I know this will get my thinking in the right place and get me  journaling. And get the gratitude flowing.

I am someone who likes to look on the bright side of life, I honestly believe good can, and will, come from a bad situation. Sometimes we just can’t see it at the time.

At the moment I’m in a place where I’m unsettled and struggling to find myself in my new reality – all the while knowing I am living a very blessed life. So this is me starting on an upward journey. I’m going to make it right and Thankful Thursday is just one of my intentional steps along the path.

Maybe you’d like to join me…


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