At Our House


In our previous life, before we were Harris6, Nat often (almost always) crept into my bed at night to sleep. It started when she was about two and I went back to work full-time. I think we so craved each others time and presence, even asleep would do.

I realised very quickly that I’d bitten off more than I could chew with work. I learnt that my bigger job at that time was to be a good great parent, so the full-time career job stopped. But the little girl creeping into her mama’s bed each night continued – and rightly or wrongly, provided comfort to both of us.

She takes up more room than the average sized adult, grinds her teeth and snores like a trooper but every time she snuggled into me in the middle of the night, I knew my world was right. And I knew she felt safe there too.

These days obviously I’m a married mama so Nat doesn’t have the opportunity to sleep in my bed. It’s a transition we prepared for over the six-month period of our engagement and she handled it like a pro. She just knew it had to stop so it did.

That said, whenever Richard is away for work, which does happen from time to time, she takes full advantage of that. Last night when I made it to bed, this is what I found:

Sleeping beauty

Yep, old habits die hard. And in this case, I’m ok with that.



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