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I need to write about more happy things.

Have you ever noticed that the challenging, intense things in life are so much easier to write about though?

So many of my posts make my life sound miserable – it’s really not!

I’m going to moderate a little more.



2 thoughts on “HAPPY!”

  1. %100 agree! I was actually thinking about that today also! I sound like a crybaby all over my blog, but I didn’t even think about the fact that IT REALLY IS soooo much easier to write about negative things! GREAT POINT!!!


    1. I think it’s because writing/journaling/blogging is so therapeutic that we go for the hard stuff first! I know it helps me some days to sort my head out … a little bit. I love the honesty of your blog. I’m so sorry for the story that brings you here. I’m following now.


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