A couple of weeks ago I read a post from Hands Free Mama – which has become one of my favourite blogs. That post really pieces together a lot of what I love about her philosophy on parenting and the parent I want/need to be.

This morning I was able to really put it into action.

Read this excerpt from that post (you can read the full post here):

Today she lost her shoes for the 37th time in two weeks.
It was right before we needed to head out the door.
I wanted to scream, to scold, to throw my hands in the air.
But instead I held her. I held her. My shoeless girl.
Together we found them wet with dew in the backyard and she whispered, “Sorry, I am forgetful, Mama.”
Being calm wasn’t my first response. But I did it.
Today I lived (Hands Free Mama)

We can all relate to this right? Well this morning when I came downstairs, ready to brush Natalie’s hair and race out the door, I LIVED this. And it felt great.

NatalieWe have a pretty standard morning routine in our house and everyone knows the drill. When I head upstairs at 7.45am to get myself showered and ready for the day, the boys are all ready to leave. All Nat has to do is clean teeth and get into her uniform. I come down at 8.00am, we put the dog outside, and in the car we go. It’s the same, Monday to Friday, every week. And it works. EXCEPT for this morning when I came down and Miss Natalie was still in her dressing gown. Hmmmmmmm.

Deep breath mama. … remember what you’ve been reading … hollering at her to get dressed will cause tears and panic … it will all take longer … you will yell, she will yell … you will feel awful for being a terrible mama and yelling at your baby girl. Again.

So very calmly I said: “Natty, we are running super late honey, you need to be dressed by now. But you know that. Race to your room. I’ll help you. Come on.”

And just like that, she ran. We got her into her uniform, hair brushed and out the door in just a few minutes.

Then all day I felt strong, like I could take on the world. Because calm wasn’t my first response, but I did it. It made a huge difference to both of us. And I will do it again. And again. And again.




3 thoughts on “HELPING, NOT HOLLERING”

  1. Thank you Rachel. I’ve become a big fan of your blog/message and will continue to share. Your message is powerful and when put into action, so easily effective, having a hugely positive impact for our little people – and ourselves!


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